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The Advantages of an Electric Cycle

The nostalgia of your first freedom act of riding to your school alone in your bicycle is a boomerang that hits back when the city draws you into its sedentary lifestyle. To cope with this fast-paced world and yet retain those childhood memories, Blive seeks to introduce you to the world of E-bikes.

E-bikes are the perfect means of transportation: it is portable, it is environment friendly, and it is also inexpensive. Here is a list of advantages of the electric bicycle that will help you have a better picture.

[woodmart_title align=”left” woodmart_css_id=”5f44c612947ed” title=”1: Help you reach your destination faster:” title_width=”100″]

The trademark of a city lifestyle is the hustle bustle caused during peak hour traffic. Even though households today possess vehicles that can speed through empty roads, they become irrelevant in the urban roads that are congested with cars and bikes.


With an e-bike, you can easily maneuver through the traffic easily, avoid roadblocks by taking the streets, and can also utilize the bicycle lanes. You no longer need to feel guilty for having slept longer, you no longer have to miss your breakfast every morning and you no longer have to race against time to reach your destination as your e-bike will be your magic broom that takes you faster than your car or bike. Zip through the roads quicker and have the fresh air rejuvenate your limbs for a good day!

[woodmart_title align=”left” woodmart_css_id=”5f44c9c73c0d2″ title=”2: Helps you in keeping your daily fitness routine:” title_width=”100″]

One common question is do e-bikes improve fitness like cycling. The zest that electric bikes provide helps you ride longer distances of about 30 km with a single charge. The throttle mechanism in the bike solves the problem of exhaustion that happens during cycling. By riding for long hours, your endurance improves and you train yourself for medium and high-intensity workouts.

The daily workout helps you burn your carbohydrates in your muscles. Owning e-bikes help in gaining all this fitness comes with the added benefit of not sweating profusely like you do when cycling. So, suit up and exercise in your electric cycle along the way and never miss your gym sessions again!

[woodmart_title align=”left” woodmart_css_id=”5f44ca95df703″ title=”3: Helps in easing the burden on your pockets:” title_width=”100″]

After your initial investment of buying the electric cycle which is lesser than buying the conventional bikes, the recurring costs incurred are very low and are easy on your pockets. Powered by lithium-ion batteries, e-bikes help in finding your alternative with rising oil prices. Recharging the li-ion batteries takes about eight hours and is as simple as charging a mobile phone as you just have to plug it into any wall outlet.

While regular bikes demand attention to lubrication and adjusting, e-bikes help in reducing these maintenance costs. Also, the benefits of owning an e-bike is two-fold – it is inexpensive and also helps in saving your gym membership fee as you get your good health glow free of cost.

[woodmart_title align=”left” woodmart_css_id=”5f44db8ccd1e3″ title=”4: Helps in rediscovering the travel impulse in you:” title_width=”100″]

Does exploring the space around excite you? Hit the streets in top speed with your e-bike for a road trip rediscovering your travel impulse. Forget the pounding heart rates you experienced in a traditional bike. With a recharged battery pack, escape the noise of the city for an expeditious vacation and revitalize yourself.

Apart from these small travel goals, you can also achieve the daunting task of conquering those steep hills. No longer can mountain biking make you grunt and groan. Brace yourself to unravel the mysteries of nature as a bike rider.

[woodmart_title align=”left” woodmart_css_id=”5f44dc59225cd” title=”5: Helps in being the catalyst of a lifestyle change” title_width=”100″]

Environmental crises such as global warming and climate change are perceived to be problems that require global change. It is a common perception that individual action is insignificant. However, every action counts. By adopting the lifestyle choice of using an electric two-wheeler in place of a car, you have removed one fuel guzzler from the streets. From consuming 15,000 watts of electrical energy for that car, you would have cut down your consumption by 100% to 150 watts by riding an e-bike. E-bikes offer the opportunity to be the catalyst of a lifestyle change creating a snowball effect of influencing your circle which in turn keeps growing. 

E-bike is the norm of the future. With the constant development of designs to suit the demands of the needs of its users, the e-bike industry is rapidly expanding with the world seeking for a sustainable lifestyle. E-bikes offer the opportunity to time travel to the days of newfound freedom and reinvent yourself by breaking the chains of a sedentary lifestyle. Age, health issues, or physical injuries are no longer a reason to keep you away from hitting the roads, to keep up with your physical activity, in your sleek electric two-wheeler. Zip along with your friends and family, and join the growing and inclusive space of the biking community.

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Excellence comes from doing common things in an uncommon way. Our team of experts believes in turning the simple process of a product demo into an experience to remember. Every expert is driven by a strong passion for e-bikes. Enjoy their stories and experiences as they take you on a journey to remember.


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