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Ather 450S Electric Scooter: A Guide to Specifications, Price, and Bookings

Ather’s most current entry-level model, the much-awaited 450S electric scooter, has debuted in India. The Ather 450S, which costs Inr 1.30 lakh (ex-showroom), may immediately face competition from Ola’s S1 Air, which will go on sale soon. According to the EV manufacturer, its latest e-scooter can offer similar performance and a superior riding feel to the regular 125cc gasoline scooters that are now available nationwide.

For people eager to enter the electric market but who want the same high standards and confidence that Ather scooters offer, the 450S will serve as the latest entry-level model. The 450S will raise the bar in driving satisfaction and safety while maintaining its focus on outstanding performance throughout the category and introducing first-of-their-kind tech innovations in the capacity of the scooter class.

Specification of Ather 450S Electric Scooter: 




Powerful electric motor (all features are not known yet)


12-inch alloy wheels


IP-rated Lithium-ion battery pack

Instrument Cluster

7.0-inch coloured TFT touchscreen instrument cluster


May skip some connectivity functions to reduce cost

Braking System

Drum brakes on both wheels with Combined Braking System (CBS)


Telescopic forks (front) and dual shock absorber units (rear)

Lighting Setup

All-LED lighting setup

Safety Features

Combined Braking System (CBS) for improved braking performance

Overview of Entry-level Ather 450S

Ather has yet to reveal much information regarding the new 450S or the additional trim. According to the manufacturer’s report, the 450S has a 3kW battery package, which is less potent than the 450X’s 3.7 Kilowatt-hour lithium-ion batteries. On simply one charge, the 450S has a range of 115 kilometres. The business has disclosed that although the 450X’s approved range is 146 km, its actual range is just 105 km; therefore, in practice, it will have less.

Despite having a 20% less range than the 450X, the 450S still boasts a peak velocity of 90 mph. Ather has not yet disclosed 0–40 kph data. As anticipated, the 450S would have fewer features than the 450X models.

Ather 450S’s Stylish Design and Functional Features

The Ather 450S electric scooter will take on the manufacturer’s contemporary appearance, like its twin, the 450X. It will increase safety and aesthetics thanks to its LED tail light and headlamp on the apron. For comfort and convenience, the Ather 450S will have a wide handlebar, a one-piece seat, and a flat footboard. The scooter’s 12-inch aluminium wheels offer cosmetic and stabilizing advantages.

A digital instrument cluster with a 7.0-inch coloured TFT touchscreen will be available on the forthcoming 450S model. This addition aims to improve the user interface by supplying simple and up-to-date visual information that enhances the scooter’s present dashboard design.

Ather Energy uses an affordable electric scooter that encourages a brighter future to appeal to customers with environmental concerns. The scooter may decide against some networking options to save money. The Ather 450S design provides a pleasurable bicycling experience because of its modern design, effective functioning, and affordable price.

Improved Safety and a Comfortable Ride

All wheels of the recently introduced Ather 450S electric mobility scooter include brakes with drums for safeguarding and a CBS. The scooter’s collective impact between its numerous parts improves its braking system, giving users a steady and even deceleration.

The front telescoping shocks on the Ather 450S may provide effective dampening and increased stability. The electric scooter may have twin rebound dampers at the back of the bike, comparable to the others, to efficiently lessen the impact of irregular road topography.

Electric scooter Ather 450S: Battery and Endurance

The recently released Ather 450S battery will feature a 3kWh ability, which is suitable for a 115-kilometre IDC (Indian Driving Conditions) distance per charge. The company claims the 450X’s approved range is 146 kilometres, whereas its actual range is 105 kilometres. Therefore, it may be less in practical circumstances.

Comparatively speaking, the 3.7kWh battery powered by lithium-ion is more significant in both the 450X with the 450X Pro Pack. Yet, the carmaker rejects any temporary remedies when it concerns performance. Like the 450X and 450X Pro Pack versions, the new basic 450S variation has a maximum speed of 90 km/h.


Price and Plans for the Ather 450S Electric Scooter

As previously mentioned, the basic model of the 450 series would be available in India for Rs 1.30 lakh. Reservations for the Ather 450S will start taking place in July at approved retailers all around the nation. On the company’s official web page, consumers can apply with the Ather 4S0X. Along with the 450X and the 450X Pro Pack, the recently launched Ather 450S will be available in the Indian market.

In other developments, the EV maker has adjusted the prices of the Ather 450X as well as the 450X Pro Pack to Rupees 1.45 lakh and Rs 1.65 lakh, consequently, in reaction to the FAME-II subsidy drop. These are both ex-showroom pricing. For those who are unaware, the Indian Ministry of Heavy Industry has increased the FAME-II subsidies to the amount of Rs 10,000 per kWh with an upper ceiling of 15% of the ex-showroom cost.

Ather electric scooter revenue reached 15,256 units in May 2023. This was a 357 percent YoY increase from May of the previous year, when the business concluded selling 3,787 units. Additionally, Ather stated revenue of 8,182 items in April 2023, an increase in revenues month-over-month (MoM).



Ather Energy will introduce the reasonably priced Ather 450S electric scooter to combat rivalry in the sector and cut back on assistance. The business wants to dominate the marketplace for reasonably priced electric mobility. Ather Energy hopes to draw in consumers concerned about the environment by using a cost-effective scooter with electricity that promotes a better future. To address concerns about price, the Ather 450S model leaves out specific cutting-edge capabilities from the 450X. The 450S strikes a balance between price and riding enjoyment.

It guarantees a pleasurable and environmentally friendly ride because of its beautiful appearance, safety features, and powerful electric performance. Although the Ather 450S’s price and availability are uncertain, it is quickly gaining popularity as an inexpensive option for electric scooters.



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