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Ather Energy Set to Introduce Budget-Friendly Ather 450S Electric Scooter

As EV competition and subsidy decline, Ather Energy readies the launch of an affordable Ather 450S scooter. Ather aims to tap into demand for affordable electric mobility with the Ather 450S amidst stiff competition from Ola, Hero MotorCorp, Simple One, Honda electric scooters, and Gogoro. 

The Ather 450S presents the brand’s dedication to innovation and sustainability and offers a cost-effective option in the electric scooter market. It aims to attract eco-conscious customers seeking affordable and reliable transportation while supporting a greener future.

Ather 450S Electric Scooter: Specification Highlights




Lighting Setup

All-LED lighting setup


12-inch alloy wheels

Design Language

Reflects Ather’s edgy design language


Apron-mounted LED headlight

Instrument Cluster

7.0-inch coloured TFT touchscreen instrument cluster


May skip some connectivity functions to reduce cost

Braking System

Drum brakes on both wheels with Combined Braking System (CBS)


Telescopic forks (front) and dual shock absorber units (rear)


Powerful electric motor (specific details yet to be disclosed)


IP-rated Lithium-ion battery pack

Safety Features

Combined Braking System (CBS) for improved braking performance


Expected to be priced below Rs. 1.5 lakh (exact price undisclosed)

Competitor Comparison

Undercuts the Ola S1 Air, which costs Rs. 84,999


Launch expected in the coming weeks

Affordability and Accessibility

Aiming to provide an affordable electric mobility option

Ather 450S Variant to Introduce Cost-cutting Measures

Ather Energy’s 450S tackles affordability concerns for electric vehicle buyers. The company understands the high cost of all-electric vehicles, which has caused many to hesitate when considering a purchase. 

Ather made the 450S variant more accessible by cutting costs and omitting advanced features from its predecessor, the 450X. This decision caters to customers’ financial needs and offers a budget-friendly option for those interested in electric scooters. 

The 450S may have fewer advanced features than the 450X, but it is an excellent entry-level option. Ather Energy aims to promote the broader adoption of electric vehicles by focusing on affordability and contributing to a sustainable future.

Ather 450S Variant Prioritizes Essential Functionality.

To keep the 450S affordable and functional, Ather Energy carefully selected features. In the 450S, Ather removed features that may not be necessary for electric scooters. The 450X lacks the full-color 7-inch TFT display. Installing a grayscale unit reduces expenditures. 

Electric scooters need some qualities but not others. The base 450X lacks music and call access, guide-me-home light, park assist, 4G connectivity, and light assist. These features are included in other electric scooters. However, the newly introduced 450S model excludes them for cheaper manufacture and cost. 

In the 450S model, Ather Energy balances functionality and affordability by carefully examining feature relevance and cost. This strategy gives users a reliable and affordable electric scooter without sacrificing functionality.

Stylish Design and Operational Attributes: Ather 450S Showcases Impressive Traits

The Ather 450S electric scooter, like its twin, the 450X, will reflect the brand’s modern look. Its apron-mounted LED headlamp and LED taillamp will improve visibility and style. The Ather 450S will include a broad handlebar, single-piece seat, and flat footboard for comfort and ease. The 12-inch alloy wheels of the scooter proffer both aesthetic and stabilising benefits. 

The upcoming 450S model will feature a 7.0-inch coloured TFT touchscreen instrument cluster. This inclusion is intended to enhance the user experience by providing intuitive and modern visual information to upgrade the current dashboard layout of the scooter. 

To decrease expenditures, it is plausible that the scooter would opt to forego select networking alternatives. The Ather 450S model offers a pleasing biking experience due to its sophisticated design, operational efficiency, and economical cost.

Enhanced Safety and Smooth Ride

The new Ather 450S electric scooter has drum brakes on both wheels and a CBS for safety. The cooperative effect between various components of the scooter enhances its braking mechanism, thereby providing the riders with a secure and uniform deceleration. 

The Ather 450S potentially exhibits front telescopic forks, thereby facilitating effectual damping and augmenting stability. Similar to the Ola S1 Air, the scooter may employ paired shock absorbers at the rear end to effectively mitigate the impact of uneven road terrain.

The Ather 450S provides a safe and comfortable ride with innovative safety measures like the Combined Braking System and solid suspension components. These features boost rider confidence and safety, making electric scooters perfect for regular commutes and urban experiences.

Powerful Electric Performance: Capable Electric Motor

The local automaker has yet to publish the technical details of the highly anticipated Ather 450S electric scooter. Based on the brand’s history and current models, the 450S should include a powerful electric motor. 

The electric motor should accelerate quickly and transmit power smoothly for a fun ride. The Ather 450S may use an IP-rated Lithium-ion battery pack like its siblings for durable and efficient energy storage. 

Ather Energy is known for producing high-performance electric vehicles, although motor power and battery capacity are still unknown. Thus, Ather’s electric scooter will combine power, efficiency, and sustainability, strengthening its position in the electric mobility market.

Ather 450S Variant Offers a Cost Advantage to Customers.

Ather Energy’s new 450S model will be affordable for Indian clients. The 450S variant is cheaper than the standard Ather 450X variant, which costs Rs. 98,079. Central and state governments offer subsidies to other electric scooter buyers. 

The central government provides Rs. 55,000, and the state Rs. 18,300 under FAME II. This governmental subsidy reduces showroom costs by crediting the customer’s account after purchase. 

The Ather 450S is comparable to popular scooters like the Honda Activa with a New Delhi showroom price of Rs. 76,000. Competitive pricing and government incentives make electric transportation options more accessible and affordable nationwide.

What to expect from the upcoming Ather 450S?

Ather Energy has not announced pricing or availability for the highly anticipated Ather 450S electric scooter. The official introduction is expected in the coming weeks, exciting electric vehicle fans. 

The Ather 450S is expected to be the cheapest EV from a well-known brand. Ather wants to make electric mobility more accessible by offering a low-cost electric scooter. The Ather 450S may undercut its main competitor, the Ola S1 Air, which costs Rs. 84,999. 

This price positioning creates severe rivalry in the electric scooter market, giving customers more options and lower prices. Electric vehicle enthusiasts eagerly await the Ather 450S’s pricing and availability, paving the door for a new affordable electric scooter.


Ather Energy will release the budget-friendly Ather 450S electric scooter to address industry competition and reduce subsidies. The company aims to capture the market for affordable electric mobility. Ather Energy aims to attract eco-conscious customers with a cost-effective electric scooter that supports a greener future. 

The Ather 450S variant omits certain advanced features in the 450X to address affordability concerns. The 450S balances affordability without compromising on the riding experience. 

With stylish design, safety features, and powerful electric performance, it promises an enjoyable and sustainable ride. Pricing and availability for the Ather 450S are still unknown, but it’s becoming a popular choice for affordable electric scooters.



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