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Bhim Electric Scooter Price, Key Specification, Design, and Performance

The Bheem is a versatile vehicle for various purposes. Durable, stable, and comfortable on any terrain, thanks to its metal body, mid-mounted motor, and adjustable handlebars and footrests. The removable rear passenger seat and high-torque motor handle heavy loads with ease. Suitable for various uses, like hauling groceries or performing stunts. The Flio Bheem is a versatile option for all needs.  Read continuously to know more about their features, battery life, warranty, and many more.

Unleashing Impressive Performance


Performance Specification


Loading Capacity

Up to 350 Kg

Motor Mount


Max Power

3 Kilowatt-hours (kWh)

Max Torque

22 Newton-meters (Nm)

Top Speed

Up to 65 Kilometers per hour (Kmph)


22 degrees

Riding Modes

1, 2, 3 & Reverse

Motor Type

BLDC (Brushless DC)

Ingress Protection (Motor)


Ingress Protection (Controller)


The Bhim Electric Scooter impresses with its outstanding performance and features, including a 350kg loading capacity without sacrificing efficiency or stability. The Bheem Electric Scooter has a strong Mid-Mount motor generating 3Kwh power output, providing an exhilarating ride. Its 22Nm torque allows for swift acceleration and effortless navigation through city streets. 

The Bheem Electric Scooter reaches 65Kmph and easily handles inclines of 22 degrees. The Bheem Electric Scooter has various riding modes, including Reverse. Its BLDC motor offers efficient power delivery for optimal performance and energy usage. 

The Bheem Electric Scooter has IP67 for the motor and IP65 for the controller, making it weather-resistant. Enjoy its exceptional performance. Discover reliable, powerful, stylish electric scooter performance with Bheem.

Power and Versatility Redefined

The Bheem Electric Scooter has many battery options for your needs. The Bheem Electric Scooter offers high performance and durability with reliable battery capabilities for long-lasting rides. Battery pack casing made of robust PDC Aluminum Alloy for external protection. The battery has an IP67 rating for dust and water resistance, suitable for tough weather. Bheem Electric Scooter has two battery options: LFP and Li-Ion, each with different benefits. 

The LFP battery has a 48V nominal voltage and 32700 cell size, providing 4Kwh capacity and a 215km range per charge—battery charges in 4.5 hours, with optional fast charging. The Li-Ion battery has a 55.5V nominal voltage and uses 21700 cells. It has a 10Kwh capacity and can travel up to 515km per charge. 

Like the LFP battery, it charges in 4.5 hours with fast charging option. Bheem Electric Scooter offers different battery capacities for varying needs. LFP battery: 1.75Kwh, 2.6Kwh, 4Kwh. Li-Ion battery: 5Kwh, 7Kwh, 10Kwh. Choose the battery that suits your needs with Bheem Electric Scooter. Enjoy top-notch performance and flexibility as you travel with confidence using the reliable Bheem Electric Scooter’s battery options.

Enhanced Performance with Precision Wheels and Resilient Tyres

They are designed for optimal riding experience with enhanced performance and reliability. Bheem’s scooter has spoke wheels for strength and flexibility. The Spoke wheel provides stable, durable rides on any terrain. The Bheem Electric Scooter has a 16″x2.75″ wheel size for optimum agility and stability. 

This size is highly maneuverable for navigating tight corners and congested streets. Bheem Electric Scooter has 16 x 2.50, 2.75, and 3.00 tire sizes. These tire options allow riders to customize their scooter with width and grip based on their preferences and riding conditions. Bheem Electric Scooter has tire options to match your priorities. 

Experience an exceptional ride with the Bheem Electric Scooter’s precise wheels and durable tires. This scooter provides a smooth, enjoyable ride with high-performance, stable, and durable components.

Efficient Braking and Smooth Suspension for a Confident Ride

The Bheem e-scooter has a reliable brake system for safety. CBS enhances braking and provides balanced stopping power. The system engages front and rear brakes for controlled braking. Front brake: 130mm drum. Rear brake: 110mm drum. This ensures good braking and response in different riding conditions, providing peace of mind for riders. 

The Bheem Electric Scooter provides a smooth, comfortable ride with a great suspension system. The fork absorbs shocks and vibrations for better stability and control. Rear heavy-duty dual shock absorbers improve the scooter’s bump handling. This rear suspension offers a comfortable ride for both rider and pillion, reducing fatigue on long trips. 

The Bheem Electric Scooter has a strong steel tubular chassis. This solid frame adds to the scooter’s stability and durability, ensuring a safe ride. Optional belt drive for a smoother, quieter ride. 

Stay Connected and Informed with Smart Features and Warranty 






USB Charging Port



Up to 7 Years*

Smart App Functions


– Speedo Meter


– Battery % Display


– Distance to Empty


– Trip Meter


– Google Maps


– Document Viewer


– Audio Player


– Video Player


– Weather Forecast



  • Connectivity: Bheem E-Scooter’s Bluetooth feature modernizes it. Sync your scooter with devices to control the on-the-go.
  • USB Port: Never run out of battery while riding. Bheem Electric Scooter has a USB charging port for on-the-go device charging. Stay connected and charged on the go. 
  • Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with Bheem Electric Scooter’s coverage. With a 7-year warranty, ride confidently, knowing your scooter is protected from defects. This warranty shows the brand’s commitment to reliability. 
  • Smart Apps: The Bheem Electric Scooter has a smart app with various functions for better riding. Get current speed with a speedometer. Check your scooter’s battery level with the percentage display. Distance to empty estimates your range, allowing for better ride planning. Track trips with a meter and navigate with Google Maps. The app has a document, audio, video player, and weather forecast for your convenience and entertainment.


Overall, the Bheem Electric Scooter excels with its impressive features and specifications, standing out in the Indian electric scooter market. The Bheem scooter is a versatile ride with a durable metal body, mid-mounted motor, and adjustable handlebars and footrests. The Bheem Electric Scooter is an excellent and reliable option for riders in India, combining performance, design, and smart features. Discover electric mobility with Bheem Scooter for eco-friendly transportation.



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