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BLive Partners with Zomato to Deploy 10,000 EVs in the Delivery Fleet – Revolutionizing Sustainable Delivery with a Ground Breaking Collaboration

The burgeoning electric vehicle (EV) business BLive has partnered with the industry-leading food delivery platform Zomato in an innovative step towards sustainability. Ten thousand electric delivery vehicles will be deployed over two years as part of the partnership. By working together, They’re sending a message that the food delivery sector is serious about making strides towards a cleaner, healthier environment for future generations. BLive and Zomato are pioneering environmentally responsible business practices by demonstrating the value of electric transportation.

Blive partners with Zomato for a better future

The multi-brand electric vehicle platform BLive announced on June 29 that it would collaborate with the online meal delivery platform Zomato to introduce its EVs to 20 cities in India. The pilot program’s first fleet will launch in Hyderabad. It’s also in line with Zomato’s plans to encourage the use of electric vehicles by partnering with businesses that provide final-mile deliveries.

Together, they want to roll out up to 200 EVs nationwide, which’ll all be reserved for Zomato drivers. The ambitious goal of this initiative is to have 10,000 EVs available to Zomato passengers in India by the end. The goal of the agreement is to assist companies like Zomato, which specializes in last-mile deliveries, fill the need in the market for electric vehicles.

The company has introduced a unique Rent-to-Own strategy in the country, allowing delivery riders to purchase EVs with no initial investment. Meanwhile, Zomato announced a partnership with TVS Motor Company on June 28. Under the terms of the agreement, Zomato will use TVS’s fleet of 10,000 electric scooters as part of its delivery fleet over two years. With the announcement of their partnership, the companies hope to further the sustainable energy mobility agenda in the country.

“With the success of TVS iQube Electric, we are expanding our electric offerings across multiple segments,” said Manu Saxena, senior vice president of electric cars at TVS Motor. “last-mile delivery services stands at the opportune inflection point towards faster adoption of EVs.”

In addition, he said, “This strategic partnership adds another milestone in TVS Motor’s journey to provide smart and reliable EV products and services with the lowest total cost of ownership to our delivery partners.”

Increased Popularity of EVs

The transport sector has emerged as a critical contributor to greenhouse gas emissions as the globe struggles with the harmful effects of climate change. By eliminating the need for fossil fuels and minimising exhaust emissions, electric vehicles present a viable answer to this problem. Lower running costs, fewer maintenance needs, and much smaller carbon footprints are just a few benefits of electric mobility.

  • Knowledge and Foresight of BLive

BLive is now widely regarded as a pioneer in electric vehicles. High-performance electric bikes and scooters are the company’s forte, and they’re committed to creating environmentally responsible transportation options. Zomato is committed to sustainability, and BLive’s skills and vision are a natural match, making BLive an ideal partner for the ambitious project.

  • The Environmental Responsibility of Zomato

Zomato, a significant player in the meal delivery industry, is conscious of the effects of its business on the planet. Zomato aims to reduce carbon emissions and promote a healthy ecology; electric vehicles are vital to this plan. Zomato’s relationship with BLive is a big step towards the company’s goal of providing eco-friendly delivery services without sacrificing speed or quality.

  • Electric delivery fleets have many benefits.

Zomato’s decision to add 10,000 electric vehicles to its delivery fleet is a smart business move. Unlike gas-powered vehicles, electric ones don’t release any pollutants into the atmosphere as they drive. Zomato can save money because electric vehicles require less maintenance and last longer than conventional vehicles. Additionally, off-peak charging is available for EVs, which reduces electricity bills and enhances energy management.

  • Range Fears and Charging Concerns

A reliable charging infrastructure is essential for electric delivery vehicles to be widely used. To meet the needs of the electric vehicle fleet, BLive and Zomato are teaming up to set up a comprehensive charging station network in critical locations. Electric vehicle range anxiety has been reduced thanks to battery technology developments, and delivery procedures have been more streamlined.

Positive Effect on Society and Gains for Stakeholders

Zomato’s decision to add 10,000 EVs to its fleet of delivery vehicles will have far-reaching positive effects on a wide range of parties. Customers and delivery staff will enjoy a cleaner environment thanks to the decreased production of greenhouse gases.

  • The effort will encourage competitors to follow suit, leading to a greener, more sustainable future for the food delivery industry.
  • There are still many obstacles to overcome, but the collaboration between BLive and Zomato is a massive step in the right direction for long-term viability.
  • Key considerations that will determine the project’s success include the accessibility of charging infrastructure, advances in battery technology, and governmental support.
  • Overcoming these challenges will pave the way for future opportunities, such as exploring autonomous delivery vehicles and incorporating renewable energy sources.


BLive and Zomato have formed a strategic partnership to increase Zomato’s use of electric cars in its delivery fleet from zero to ten thousand within the next two years. Zomato’s adoption of electric mobility exemplifies how firms can lessen their impact on the environment without sacrificing productivity. We hope that other businesses follow suit and that this will pave the way to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future where electric delivery vans are the norm.



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