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5 types of E-bikes-A beginner’s guide

Picture this – You saw a great-looking e-bike online. Amazing color, the perfect price, and great reviews. You like it and order it and it gets delivered to your home. You are excited to start using it and telling everyone about it.

But it is only later that you realize that the e-bike you chose and ordered can’t climb steep curves and go off-road. The exchange period has gone by. Now you are stuck and clueless. Not a very great place to be in, right? And that’s exactly why we are here. 

We are your EV experts and will help you choose the right e-bike for you. Choosing your ride is very crucial but, honestly, it is very simple.

Majorly there are 5 categories of e-bikes,

City Commuter

1.City/Commuter E-Bikes:

These e-bikes are for your everyday use. They are lightweight and have a relatively thinner frame. 

The tired are thin which gives you better speed. They offer great comfort even in your longer rides.

They are made for smoother terrains and gentle slopes of the city. They are not meant for extremely rugged terrains.

So if you are looking for regular day-to-day use, these e-bikes are perfect for your everyday travel. 

Be it to work, the gym, the grocery store, or any other daily chores for that matter.

We have a variety of city e-bikes that you can choose from  here : City E- bike

Pedal Assist

2. Mountain E-Bikes:

These beasts are meant for off-roading. Hilly terrains, Muddy paths, Steep uphills, you name it and these e-bikes do it with ease.

They have great suspension, amazing shock absorbers, and relatively fatter tires. This gives a great balance and stability. 

They are also adept at handling loose dirt paths. The frame and the components are rugged and are designed to suit every need of an adventure seeker.

They also come with water-resistant capability for better rides during rain. The tire grip is also designed to make sure you don’t skid on wet and muddy roads.

Check out the mountain e-bikes here 


3. Hybrid E-bikes

Hybrid E-bikes offer the best of both mountain and city e-bikes. They offer the comfort and ease of city e-bikes and at the same time are sturdy and rugged. 

They can be comfortably used for your daily chores and also a little bit of off-roading.

Hybrid E-Bikes have adequate suspension and medium-width tires making them very versatile. Highly steep terrains are still a no-go though.


4. Foldable E-Bikes:

Foldable E-bikes are getting popular by the day and it is hardly any surprise.
These e-bikes may fall under any of the above categories. The additional core benefit is their portability. They can be folded comfortably.

They are super light, have smaller tires, and are easy to carry around in a bus or a car. You get off the bus and now you can unfold your e-bike and ride from there.

Foldable E-bikes are made for those who travel a lot with their E-bikes. It is a perfect travel companion.  Explore Foldable E-Bike


5. Delivery E-bikes

Delivery E-bikes are specifically made for transporting goods. They are generally used by delivery partners. 

They have a great sturdy frame and have carriers to take care of your goods. They also come with a higher payload.

Say a regular e-bike has a payload of 90kg, a delivery e-bike would come with a payload of 110-130kg. These are not meant for your regular travel or commute.

We hope that with this, you have an idea of the different types of E-bikes and their features. Make sure you refer to this to make a better e-bike purchase decision.

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