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Can Electric Bikes Go Uphill? We Have The Answer For You

If you are an adventure junkie or want to get an e-bike for your fitness journey, there may be times you might take your e-bike off road and will encounter a hill.

And then the big question arises – will your e-bike be able to go uphill?

This is the most commonly asked question when people are considering buying an e-bike. The simple answer is a big YES!

Thanks to electrical assistance and that extra throttle, e-bikes are a great choice for your uphill rides. The extra boost can power your e-bike to comfortably ride up to 7-9 degrees of inclination, which is rare for a street dweller but common for a mountain rider.

Of course, anything above 10 degrees would require you to be reasonably fit and/or have a very powerful e-bike.

So what is it that you need to keep in mind while getting an e-bike if you plan to go off-roading with it

Choosing right e bike

1. Buy the right e-bike

The first and most important thing to start with. Make sure you are buying the right kind of bike. City e-bikes like Falidae Maeven, Hero Lectro, etc. can handle the general ups and downs of the road. But if you are looking at higher inclinations you need to have a mountain e-bike like the Svitch.

Mountain e-bikes are specifically designed to handle hilly terrains and ascents.

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Pedal Assist

2. Use Gears & Pedal Assist:

Almost every e-bike has gears, and they play a very important role while going uphill. They will help you climb easily. 

They need to be adjusted for a smooth ride and here’s how you can do that – Gear down right before the ascent and shift the gears up or down with speed.

Lower speed, a lower gear, and higher speed, higher gears. And of course, you can always use the pedal assist to give that extra boost.


3. Body Position:

Once you have the perfect bike and figured out the gears and other factors, your body position is also a very important thing to keep in mind.

A neutral position works well for flat city roads or even gentle slopes.

But when looking at a sharper ascent, you need to tilt your body weight forward to maintain proper traction. Just lower your chest and bend the elbows and you are good to go


4. Tire Pressure

While this could sound like a small thing, it is very important to check your tire pressure before you start. Tires are what give traction to your e-bike.

Ensure that your tires have enough pressure to bolster your way up the mountain. 

So make sure that your tires are in perfect shape before you decide to uphill so that you don’t get stuck in your adventure

If you follow these really easy and quick steps, climbing uphill on your e-bike will not be a problem at all.

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