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Electric Showdown: Citroen eC3 vs. Tiago EV – A Comprehensive Comparison

The EV market sees Citroen eC3 and Tata Tiago EV in a hatchback face-off, targeting budget-conscious buyers seeking sustainable and efficient driving. Citroen eC3 and Tata Tiago EV are new and established electric options in India. 

In our analysis, we’ll compare both vehicles’ performance, range, features, and pricing, aiding buyers in decision-making. They balance affordability and practicality, showing urban mobility’s future. Discover the winner of the hatchback clash between the Citroen eC3 and the Tata Tiago EV.


Citroen eC3

Tata Tiago EV


3981 mm

3769 mm


1733 mm

1677 mm


1586/1604 mm (with roof rails)

1536 mm


2540 mm

2400 mm

Ground Clearance

170 mm

166 mm

Boot Space

315 Litre

240 Litre

The Citroen eC3 has more extensive measurements than the Tata Tiago EV in every aspect, featuring a 212mm longer body, 140mm extended wheelbase, and 56mm wider stance. The eC3 is taller by 68mm, making it more prominent on the road. It also has a roomy boot with 75 extra liters of storage than the Tata Tiago EV. 

The eC3 has 15-inch alloy wheels, while the Tiago EV has 14-inch steel wheels. The Tiago EV is 161kg lighter than the eC3. The lighter weight improves agility for the Citroen eC3, while the Tata Tiago EV stays compact for nimble maneuverability. Prioritize spaciousness or maneuverability for a better driving experience.

Powertrain, Range, and Performance Comparison: Citroen eC3 vs. Tata Tiago EV


Citroen eC3

Tata Tiago EV (Medium Range)

Tata Tiago EV (Long Range)









0-60kph Time

7.9 seconds

6.2 seconds

7.2 seconds

Battery Capacity




Range (MIDC Cycle)




The Citroen eC3 and Tata Tiago EV have different powertrain options. The eC3 has one vote, while the Tiago EV has two variants: medium range and long range. Both vehicles have varying power outputs from their permanent magnet synchronous motors, with the eC3 generating 57hp and the Tiago EV medium range delivering 61hp. 

The Tiago EV has 75hp and the highest torque of 143Nm, while the eC3 falls short in acceleration. The eC3 is slower than the Tiago EV medium range by 0.6 seconds in 0-60kph time but has a better battery capacity and coverage. Citroen’s eC3 has a 29.2kWh battery, providing a 320km range on the MIDC cycle. Meanwhile, the Tiago EV has a 19.2kWh battery for a 250km range. 

The Tiago EV’s long-range version has a 24kWh battery, extending its range to 315km. Although the eC3 has more substantial torque and a larger battery capacity, the Tiago EV has two powertrain options and better acceleration in its medium-range variant. Customers weigh factors to find the best electric hatchback for their power, range, and performance needs.

Comparison of Charging Times: Citroen eC3 vs. Tata Tiago EV


Battery Size

Charging Time (10-80%) with DC Fast Charger

Charging Time (10-100%) with 15A Wall Socket

Citroen eC3

Larger Battery

57 minutes

10 hours and 30 minutes

Tata Tiago EV

Medium Range

57 minutes

6 hours and 54 minutes

Tata Tiago EV

Long Range

57 minutes

8 hours and 40 minutes

Charging time is essential for electric vehicles. Citroen eC3 and Tata Tiago EV are notable contenders. Both models charge fast with a DC charger, but the eC3 takes longer on a 15A wall socket. eC3 takes approx. 10.5 hours to charge 10-100%, while Tiago EV takes only 6.9 hours. 

The Tiago EV long-range variant takes 8 hours and 40 minutes for a full charge on a wall charger. Tata provides a standard 3.3kW wall box charger for faster wall charging. Currently, the Citroen eC3 lacks this accessory. Buyers must assess their charging needs and availability. The eC3 has a larger battery for longer drives but takes longer to charge. 

The Tiago EV charges fast and is more convenient for those with limited charging time. Choose between Citroen eC3 and Tata Tiago EV based on the driving range, charging, speed, and preference.

Price Comparison: Citroen eC3 vs Tata Tiago EV

Vehicle Model Price Range (Top-spec Variant) Price Range (Medium Range Variant) Price Range (Long Range Variant)
Citroen eC3 Rs 11.50 lakh – Rs 12.43 lakh
Tata Tiago EV Rs 8.69 lakh – Rs 9.29 lakh Rs 10.19 lakh – Rs 11.99 lakh
The Citroen eC3 and Tata Tiago EV differ notably in price. The eC3 ranges from Rs 11.50-12.43 lakh for the top-spec Feel trim. Optional extras include dual-tone paint and the Vibe pack. The Tiago EV costs less, running from Rs 8.69 lakh to Rs 11.99 lakh, comparable to eC3’s long-range variant. The Tiago EV has solid specs and affordable options. Buyers should assess their needs and budget when comparing the eC3 and Tiago EVs. Tiago EV is competitively priced with good performance and features, while eC3 has more extras. Choose Citroen eC3 or Tata Tiago EV based on price, features, performance, and personal preferences.

Comparison of Features & Safety: Citroen eC3 vs. Tata Tiago EV

The Citroen eC3 and Tata Tiago EV have many safety and feature options. The medium-range and long-range Tiago EV and Citroen eC3 include the following characteristics and safety equipment:

  • Cruise Control simplifies long driving in the Tiago EV Long Range. The Tiago EV Medium Range and Citroen eC3 do not have it.
  • The Tiago EV Long Range has auto headlamps and wipers for convenience. The Tiago EV Medium Range and eC3 lack them.
  • Auto Climate Control regulates Tiago EV temperatures. eC3 air conditioning is manual.
  • TPMS warnings help maintain tire pressure on Tiago EV models. The eC3 lacks this feature.
  • The Tiago EV Long Range, but not the Medium Range or eC3, has push-button start/stop.
  • All three vehicles have steering-mounted controls and Android Auto/Apple CarPlay integration. The Tiago EV models feature a 7-inch screen with wired connectivity, but the eC3 has a 10.23-inch screen and wireless connectivity.
  • The 8-speaker Tiago EV Long Range improves audio quality. eC3 and Tiago EV Medium Range have four speakers.
  • All three vehicles have connected car technology for remote AC on/off and smartwatch connectivity.
  • The Tiago EV and eC3 share two airbags, ABS, EBD, and reverse assist. The Tiago EV Long Range has a rearview camera with dynamic guidance and fog lighting, surpassing the Medium Range and eC3.
  • The eC3’s ORVMs are manually adjustable, whereas the Tiago EVs are electrically adjustable and auto-folding.


Citroen eC3 and Tata Tiago EV are contenders in the EV market, with various factors for comparison. Tiago EV is competitively priced with better equipment and performance than the eC3. eC3’s price is comparable to the long-range Tiago EV but lacks features. 

Tiago EV offers cruise control, auto headlamps, auto wipers, and advanced connectivity, while eC3 has a bigger infotainment screen and wireless connectivity. Choose between Citroen eC3 and Tata Tiago EV based on priorities like charging time, budget, features, and safety preferences for the best fit.



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