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Limited Edition Citroen My Ami Buggy Micro EV – Sold Out In 10 Hours!

Undeniable elegance characterizes the all-new Citroen My Ami Buggy. A little electric off-road vehicle without doors and with a lovely appearance, it has already become popular. Customers liked it, nevertheless, more than company had anticipated, and much less than ten hours following orders started, all Eight hundred units were sold.

On June 20, at 11 a.m. CEST, Citroen began selling the My Ami Buggy; at the end of the day, there was not one left for online shoppers to buy. 2023 was the debut year that the company made the buggy accessible to customers outside of France.

Features of the My Ami Buggy

My Ami Buggy guarantees its customers will take comfort in their leisure pursuits in a laid-back, fashionable, and upbeat manner. By being simple to use, it facilitates micro-journeys and, while remaining conventional, exudes an air of excitement and flexibility.

Due to the absence of doors, detachable tops, and khaki colors, My Ami Buggy stood out differently. It exudes a bold appearance with its distinctive wheel arches, front and back bumpers, and golden wheel rims. Due to the bright yellow finishing touches and accessories, it has a new sun visor and style. The My Ami Buggy also has the following special features:

  • It features just one bench seating that can hold two adults or a grown-up and a kid, making it a two-seater car.
  • Its dimensions are 2.41 meters in length, 1.39 meters in width, and 1.52 meters in height.
  • It weighs 485 pounds at the curb.
  • It has an electric motor that produces 6 kW and a maximum travel speed of forty-five kilometers per hour (28 mph).
  • With a 5.5 kWh capacity, the battery can go up to seventy-five kilometers or forty-seven miles on one full charge.
  • Charging the battery using a typical home connector takes three hours.
  • Numerous customization choices are available for the My Ami Buggy, including various colors, roof coverings, and accessories.

This updated model includes special extras like open door covers to shield occupants from outside forces, a detachable bag mounted in the middle of the handlebars to hold small items, and an ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker called the “Ultimate Ears Boom” to accompany the best musical moments. The newly installed black door roof and frame improve the outside appearance.

Factors Leading to Citroen’s Record Sales

The My Ami Buggy gained popularity, possibly as a result of a variety of things. First off, the car’s distinctive look is likely to draw attention. The My Ami Buggy is different than any other electric vehicle on the market, considering its top, two-seat design and rugged off-road style.

Second, the My Ami Buggy is an affordable choice for people wishing to purchase an electric car. The 2023 model’s base price is only €10,990, considerably less than many comparable electric vehicles.

The My Ami Buggy is a valuable vehicle that may serve several functions, to sum up. It can handle off-road terrain while being tiny enough to move about in city traffic. Due to its adaptability, it may be operated for both weekend getaways and commuting.

Current Market Situation

Belgian clients were even more enthusiastic about the car this year, as opposed to the previous year when its allotment of 50 vehicles had been purchased in less than 17 minutes. Only a little over nine minutes following orders began were all 65 models of the micro-EV spoken. Three hundred sales per hour at its height helped France sell out 430 My Ami Buggy in little over 2 hours! Following the popularity of the previous cycle, there is confirmation of an obsession with My Ami Buggy.

Compared to France’s sales time of seventeen minutes and twenty-eight seconds for the fifty models of 2022, Belgium’s sale of the sixty-five My Ami Buggies distributed to the entire country took only 9 minutes.

One consumer in Spain now holds a record for completing the whole digital purchase procedure the quickest. He spent one minute and ten seconds purchasing his My Ami Buggy. One minute and forty-three seconds faster than the previous year’s record! The quickest client in June 2022 completed the process of selecting the premium edition of Ami, confirming the order, choosing a delivery option, and making payment in just two minutes and 53 seconds.

Citroen Data Shows:

The My Ami Buggy is in high demand, proving a developing market for beautiful, reasonably priced electric cars. The My Ami Buggy has the opportunity to thrive in the electric vehicle industry owing to its distinctive form, affordable pricing, and valuable features.

  • The automobile sold 65 units in Belgium in less than nine minutes.
  • Three hundred units sold out in France in a single hour.
  • Spain declared “the fastest buyer, who finished the entire transaction procedure within just one minute and Ten seconds.”

Eight hundred of the limited-edition cars, according to Citroen, were purchased online by clients in Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, and Greece.

Additional 200 units will be sold at shops in Morocco, Turkey, and other French overseas territories. When this has taken place, Citroen Australia remains hopeful for a similar outcome.

Citroen has sold less than 100 vehicles in Australia this year across the company’s entire model lineup, down 38% in a market that has increased by 4.3%, per the Federal Association of Automotive Industries’ most recent sales figures.

Ferrari nearly outsold Citroen, which sold 97 cars in Australia from the beginning of January to the final week of May, with 91 supercars sold within the same time frame.

The popularity of the My Ami Buggy encourages the development of electric cars. This attractive, electric off-road car has no doors and has gained popularity beyond what the company had expected. Less than ten hours after orders began, all units were sold out due to high demand. It demonstrates that interest in these vehicles is rising, even among people seeking a chic and reasonably priced vehicle. In the times to come, demand for electric cars is expected to increase as more of them enter the market.



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