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Differences Between Simple One vs. Ather 450X Pro vs. Ola S1 Pro vs. Vida V1

The Indian electric scooter market is encountering a flood of new updates and augmentations from different producers, both laid-out players and rising brands. Among the plenty of choices accessible, Vida V1, Ola, and Ather have arisen as leaders, offering not simply way-of-life centered scooters like the Ola S1 Pro and Ather 450X Pro yet, in addition exceptionally competent vehicles. Presently, a novice named Basic has entered the scene with its contribution called the One, which, regardless of being sent off a year prior, has, as of late, gotten forward movement and holds huge promise.

As the Indian electric scooter market develops and grows, prospective purchasers have a more extensive range of choices to browse. Factors, for example, evaluation, after-deals administration, accessibility, and client surveys, ought to be painstakingly considered while choosing. Remain tuned for additional updates and data about these electric scooters, as they intend to catch the consideration and live up to the assumptions of the insightful Indian millennial looking for a supportable and mechanically progressed method of transportation.

The Differences in Different Specifications in Simple One, Ather 450X Pro, Ola S1 Pro and Vida V1

The simple ones, Ather 450X Pro, Ola S1 Pro, and Vida V1, are electric scooters accessible in the Indian market, each offering unique particulars and highlights.

  • Motor

The Ola S1 Pro has a 5.5kW mid-drive IPM (Inside Long-lasting Magnet) motor. This powerful motor provides hearty power and execution, making it reasonable for riders focusing on speed increase and maximum velocity.

Interestingly, the simple one highlights a 4.5kW PMSM (Long-lasting Magnet Simultaneous Motor), finding some harmony between power and productivity. 

The Ather 450X Pro accompanies a marginally lower 3.3kW PMSM motor, zeroing in on refinement and dependability. 

In the meantime, the Vida V1 Pro has a 3.9kW motor, offering sufficient power for regular driving requirements.

  • Peak Power Output

The Ola S1 Pro and the simple one both sparkle with a noteworthy 8.5kW peak power, guaranteeing dynamic speed increase and, by and large, execution. 

The Ather 450X Pro follows intimately with a peak power of 6.2kW, providing major areas of strength for city rides. 

The Vida V1 Pro falls between the two with a peak power output of 6kW, offering adequate power for metropolitan driving.

  • Battery Capacity

Continuing toward battery capacity, the simple one stands out with a powerful 4.8kWh battery, providing a drawn-out range on a solitary charge. This makes it appropriate for riders who habitually attempt extremely long travel. 

The Ather 450X Pro accompanies a 3.7kWh battery, finding some harmony among range and weight. 

The Ola S1 Pro offers a higher battery capacity of 3.97kWh, guaranteeing a decent range for everyday driving necessities.

The Vida V1 Pro features a 3.94kWh battery comprising two 1.97kWh modules, offering a solid range for metropolitan rides.

  • Charging Time

The Simple One leads the pack by offering the quickest charging time. It can charge from 0-80% in only 2 hours and 45 minutes, guaranteeing negligible downtime and empowering speedy top-ups during the day. 

The Ather 450X Pro requires approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes to charge from 0-80%, providing a reasonable charging time for most riders. 

The Ola S1 Pro has a more drawn-out charging time of 6 hours and 30 minutes for an entire 0-100 percent charge, making it reasonable for short-term charging. 

The Vida V1 Pro takes under 6 hours to charge from 0-80%, offering an appropriate charging time contrasted with different models.

  • Range

As far as guaranteed range, the simple one flaunts an impressive range of 203 kilometers, causing it ideal for riders who want to focus on long travel without continuous recharging. 

The Ather 450X Pro offers a guaranteed range of 105 kilometers, which is reasonable for city drives and more little rides. 

The Ola S1 Pro provides a guaranteed range of 135 kilometers, finding some harmony between range and execution.

The Vida V1 Pro cases a range of 165 kilometers in the IDC (Indian Driving Cycle), guaranteeing adequate range for rides.

  • Torque

The speed increase and power of the electric scooters. The Basic One stands apart with its high torque output of 72Nm, offering solid speed increase and superb execution. 

The Ather 450X Pro produces 26Nm of torque, providing a good exhibition appropriate for everyday riding. 

The Ola S1 Pro creates a torque of 58Nm, conveying incredible speed increase and pulling power for metropolitan and city riding situations. 

Then again, the Vida V1 Pro has a torque output 25Nm, which guarantees sufficient power for urban driving, permitting riders to explore through traffic effortlessly.

  • Acceleration

The Simple One flaunts speedy acceleration from 0 to 40 mph in 2.85 seconds. This quick acceleration allows riders to explore through traffic and enjoy an energetic ride experience quickly.

The Ather 450X Gen3 offers a slower acceleration contrasted with the Simple One, requiring 3.3 seconds to go from 0 to 40 mph. While it may not be as fast as the Simple One, it provides a respectable acceleration, empowering riders to stay aware of metropolitan traffic and appreciates responsive execution.

The Ola S1 Pro grandstands comparative acceleration execution to the Ather 450X Gen3, accomplishing 0-40 kmph in 3 seconds. This acceleration time permits riders to advance from a stop rapidly and converges into traffic without a hitch.

Eventually, prospective purchasers should consider necessities like wanted range, charging time, power, and torque while contrasting these electric scooters. By assessing these key determinations, riders can settle on an educated choice and pick the electric scooter that best aligns with their inclinations and prerequisites, guaranteeing a pleasant and effective riding experience.


The Simple One, Ather 450X Pro, Ola S1 Pro, and Vida V1 each have their novel arrangement of particulars, taking care of various inclinations and prerequisites of prospective purchasers. The Ola S1 Pro stands apart with its powerful motor and peak power output, offering hearty execution for high-speed increase and speed. The Simple One succeeds concerning battery capacity, providing a drawn-out range for long travel. The Ather 450X Pro spotlights on refinement and dependability while as yet conveying areas of strength for a. The Vida V1 Pro offers a good overall influence, range, and charging time, making it a dependable choice for urban driving. 



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