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E-bikes can provide a good workout – Myth or Fact?

Many people laugh it off when someone says e-bikes are great for working out. This is probably the biggest myth surrounding E-bikes – that they are not good for workouts.

Are they? Aren’t they? The answer might seem simple on a superficial level given the extra boost e-bikes give. But studies across the globe prove otherwise

Let’s get into a little more detail on how e-bikes provide a good workout

Ebike for ride

1. Ride Frequency:

What’s the major difference between an e-bike and your conventional bike?

With E-bikes, you tend to ride farther and more often. Say you ride for 10 km on a conventional cycle and burn 500-600 calories. 

Now you could take an e-bike and ride for 15 km and burn a similar amount. You would also have less fatigue and could ride a couple more kilometers thereby increasing your calorie burn. This in turn also lets you ride frequently.

With a conventional bike, you might end up riding 5 days a week. With e-bikes, on the other hand, you could easily ride 7 days a week given the less fatigue.

Ebike for long trip

2. Intensity Control

Workout is more than calorie burn. It is also important to note the intensity level.

Say Amit walks, Ravi rides a conventional ride, and Asna rides on an e-bike, on a 5km hilly terrain.

The uphill calorie burn is dominated by Ravi (conventional cycle), and the downhill is dominated by Amit (walk). 

However, on an e-bike, you ride the same distance faster. So the average total energy expenditure (calorie burn/min) remains the same.

It is also important to note that Asna (e-bike) would be spending most of her time, consistently, in the moderate-rigorous intensity level.

Now all these are not just facts but are based on tons of research by acclaimed professionals.

You can find some of them here

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3. Great Place to start your fitness journey

E-bikes are a great way to finally stop procrastinating your fitness journey.

It makes workouts accessible. With an e-bike, you can work out in the morning and even commute to the office. 

Then you get home and commute to the gym and back. The exhausted you, now need to run errands and instead of ordering online or picking a bike or car, you use the e-bike.

You are basically working out throughout your day and parallelly taking care of your regular business. E-bikes give you the choice.

You can push yourself on an e-bike the same way you push yourself on a conventional bike.

Ebike for long trip

4.With workout it’s also a lot of fun:

And finally, imagine having fun while working out. That’s what happens when you work out on your e-bike.

You will explore unknown places, you will run errands, or might just meet up with some buddies. 

All this while you are working out. Now that’s one workout we wouldn’t want to miss, right?

All in all, working out with your e-bike isn’t a myth, it is something that you can totally do!

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