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e-Sprinto Amery electric scooter launched at Rs 1.30 lakh: Offers 140 KM range.

The electric two-wheeler market is undergoing a vast expansion in India. Figurative data proves that there was a rise of 8,46,976 units in the financial year 2022-23, as compared to the previous financial year. Something new coming into existence in this industry is not new for the country.

After the introduction and sudden revision of the FAME-|| policy scheme, there has been no significant impact on the reputed names in the industry. However, all the impact has been a cause of headaches for small businesses. In this blog, we shall talk about the newly launched e-Sprinto Amery electric scooter. It is a new milestone in the two-wheeler venture. 

e-Sprinto: Company background and facts 

There are many two-wheeler brands in India. However, some brands make sure to leave a mark on the customers. e-Sprinto is one such company that has set its benchmark in the country with its technical innovation combined with environmental friendliness. Here are some facts and details about the company: 

  • They manufacture electric vehicles which don’t use fuel and decrease the consumption of fuel, and help in sustainable development.
  • Their aim is ‘zero carbon footprint,’ which means leaving no emissions in the environment by using sustainable solutions.
  • Their E2W technology is all set to maintain the standard of performance to cater to the goal of efficient speed along with high-quality functioning. 
  • There is no lack of a reliable interface that ensures smooth and high-quality functioning. 
  • They are optimistic, have a professional approach, meet the needs of the customers, and are industry leaders with their top-notch performance. 

These are their features. Now let’s talk about services. Their services include the following provisions: 

  • The first thing is the availability of the product. Their two-wheelers are of superior quality.
  • The sustainability of the environment is upheld through adherence to set standards, which ensures the production of top-notch goods.
  • Furthermore, they provide aid and support after the sale has been completed.
  • If you need spare parts, then also they are good to go. 

Their products are e-Sprinto and e-Sprinto BB in low-speed vehicles. In the high-speed category, they have Sprinto HS and Amery. 

e-Sprinto Amery electric scooter: Eco-friendly features and more 

Here is some good news for all the people planning to buy a new two-wheeler. Welcome the newly launched e-Sprinto Amery electric scooter at Rs. 1.30 lakhs only. Sounds exciting? But wait, this offer is only for the first 100 customers. Get it in three colors- high-spirit yellow, matte sturdy black, and blissful white. 

Its battery charging time is 4 hours, and its capacity is 60 V, 50 AH. Its carrying capacity is 150 kg, and its gradability is 12 kg. The manufacturer has specified it as a good choice for commercial and home use. 

It has a variety of features like a mobile charging socket, digital screen, anti-theft alarm, find my vehicle facility and remote-control lock. The weight of this scooty is 98 kg, and its ground clearance is 200 mm. It uses a 1500 W BLDC motor with a peak power of 2500 W. Its speed is 65 kmph, and acceleration is 0-40 kmph in 6 seconds. 

The Co-founder and Director has to say….

In the words of the Co-founder and Director, Mr. Atul Gupta, they are glad to welcome an addition to the e-Sprinto family. It is a delight for the customers and the entire electric scooter market. They have worked hard to keep up with the promise of commitment keeping in mind the environment and its sensitivity. Therefore, they have designed a new innovation that copes with both aspects. 

In terms of looks, this vehicle is a great innovation with attractive colors, looks, aesthetic features, and great pick-up speed. Besides, its speed is a great advantage in keeping the heads of the manufacturers high. They haven’t just launched a scooter, but an addition to improve the mobility of urban life. 

Besides, he added that this latest innovation by them agrees with the standards set by the government under the FAME- || scheme (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles). It is obvious that this innovation is all set to keep the environment clean and free from all types of environmental concerns. They also said that they would introduce 4 more electric vehicles in the current year, 2023. 

The Future of Two-wheelers in India 

The future of two-wheelers in India is on the stage of advancement. Here are a few reasons why we can say that India would definitely see a hike in the manufacturing as well as sales in the electric two-wheelers: 

1. Improved battery technology

The electric two-wheelers are now operating on improved battery systems. This revolution has come due to the lithium-ion battery usage in the new batteries. 

2. Regenerative braking 

A new type of braking system is all set to reduce accidents and risks. This is due to their car and amp. They can store the mechanical energy and later use it at the time of braking so that no accidents happen. 

3. Attractive features and looks 

The vehicles launching new are great in looks and have very sharp features. However, they are also available in hues that attract the eyes. 

4. Norms of the Automotive Industry Standards (AIS 156) 

The launch of the AIS- 156 act in 2020 by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways changed a lot. Under this act, all-electric two-wheelers must ensure to meet the safety standards on the road as well as chargers, batteries, motors, and all. 


The launch of the e-Sprinto Amery electric scooter has made its debut in the market in an eco-friendly way. Its features like battery, charging port, digital screen, anti-theft alarm, input, and eco-friendly technology is enough to fill the gap between urban life and its rush. It is a good substitute for people looking for a budget-friendly vehicle to go to work on a daily basis.

This is not the stop, as the company is looking forward to introducing 4 more such innovations in 2023. It is a subject of pride that India is advancing towards eco-friendly and sustainable solutions. 



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