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E-Sprinto Plans to Sell 10,000 Electric Two-Wheelers by the End of 2023

E-Sprinto aims to sell 10,000 eco-friendly electric scooters by fiscal year 2023. This announcement has excited environmentalists and automakers. It leads the electric car revolution in India with its dedication to sustainability and innovation. 

The company’s intentions to encourage eco-friendly mobility couldn’t have come at a better time. They want to change the Indian streetscape and commute by giving an appealing alternative to gasoline-powered scooters. These sleek electric two-wheelers offer a cleaner, quieter ride and long-term cost benefits.

Their ambitious goal creates a thrilling journey toward a cleaner, greener, and more efficient India.

Innovative and Eco-Friendly Electric Scooters Transform Commutes

E-Sprinto, a bootstrapped firm, is transforming the electric vehicle market with its unique two-wheelers. e-Sprinto is a trailblazer in the electric scooter business, selling over 5,500 units in India. These impressive sales results demonstrate the company’s competency and commitment to selling 10,000 electric scooters by fiscal year 2023.

Electric scooters prioritize efficiency, performance, and sustainability, making them a market disruptor. Their electric two-wheelers reduce commuting carbon emissions and give a smooth, comfortable ride.

E-Sprinto innovates relentlessly. Their electric scooters include cutting edge technology and convenient features. e-Sprinto’s motors, batteries, and controls provide a smooth and comfortable ride.

Customer-centricity also contributed to e-Sprinto’s success. The company has created eco-friendly, commuter-friendly electric scooters by knowing the Indian market. Riders can depend on these cars’ high mileage, fast charging, and sturdy construction.

E-Sprinto’s electric scooters are pioneering sustainable mobility. E-Sprinto’s high sales and dedication to innovation and customer service will make eco-friendly transportation a reality for everyone.

E-Sprinto’s Electric Scooter Specifications

E-Sprinto’s electric scooter stands out in the industry for its impressive specifications, innovative features, and thorough approach to reaching its ambitious sales objective. The scooter’s 800W motor powers it to 120km on a 3-4-hour charge. This range lets motorcyclists travel farther without worrying about recharging.

E-Sprinto’s electric scooter’s motor and range are impressive, but there’s more. Advanced features enhance the ride. Riders can park and find their scooters safely with Remote Central Lock and Find My Vehicle. The Technical Part Failure Indication lets users spot and fix problems quickly, extending the scooter’s lifespan. The Reverse Mode makes parking and tight maneuvering easier.

E-Sprinto has a comprehensive plan to sell 10,000 electric scooters. The corporation has expanded its distribution network to make its automobiles more widely available. e-Sprinto may harness existing networks and reach more customers by partnering with local businesses.

E-Sprinto also values focused marketing. The company wants to build a solid electric scooter brand through intelligent marketing. e-Sprinto draws attention to its electric scooters’ unique characteristics and benefits to build trust and desirability.

E-Sprinto can meet its ambitious sales goal with its novel features, impressive range, and thorough strategic approach. E-Sprinto creates a sustainable electric scooter sector by supplying superior products, expanding distribution, and targeting marketing.

A Range of Electric Scooters for Every Need and Preference

Over 5,500 e-Sprinto electric scooters have been sold in India. The company’s models serve numerous market sectors and riders. E-Sprinto’s vast range shows its dedication to consumer choice, whether for low-speed commuting or high-speed travel.

E-Sprinto’s low-speed EVs, the e-Sprinto and e-Sprinto BB, are popular. Urban scooters are eco-friendly and convenient. The e-Sprinto and e-Sprinto BB are perfect for daily commutes and short-distance travel due to their compact size and agility.

Sprinto HS and Amery versions are faster and more powerful. High-speed electric scooters offer thrilling rides and greater distances. The Sprinto HS and Amery versions have potent motors and modern battery technology for rapid acceleration and high speeds, delivering an exciting ride.

Their sales demonstrate India’s growing desire for electric automobiles. It shows the company’s ability to dominate the EV market. e-Sprinto offers a variety of electric scooters to meet riders’ needs.

E-Sprinto, will continue to create new standards for eco-friendly transportation in India with its commitment to innovation, performance, and sustainability.

Further Report

E-Sprinto Co-Founder & Director Atul Gupta said, the company wants to sell 10,000 electric two-wheelers by 2023. e-Sprinto believes the Indian market will wish for electric vehicles and is committed to growth. e-Sprinto intends to become a significant electric two-wheeler manufacturer by doubling sales.

While achieving this target depends on market demand, competition, marketing strategies, and e-Sprinto’s electric two-wheelers’ performance, the company’s strong sales and positive customer reception are promising.

E-Sprinto is positioned to increase its market reach and strengthen its position as an electric scooter industry leader with its solid eastern sales and expected Sprinto HS demand. e-Sprinto promotes sustainable mobility in India with its high-performance, feature-rich electric automobiles.


E-Sprinto’s goal of selling 10,000 electric two-wheelers by 2023 shows its dedication to changing the Indian electric vehicle sector. e-Sprinto leads the industry with its strong sales record, innovative features, and a wide choice of models. 

E-Sprinto’s eco-friendly mobility solutions prioritize performance, convenience, and sustainability, shaping India’s commuting future. e-Sprinto can meet its sales objective and establish its leadership in the electric two-wheeler market by increasing its distribution network and launching targeted marketing campaigns.



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