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Essential Factors to Consider When Purchasing Your First Electric Scooter or Bike: 5 Key Insights

Buying your first vehicle is a matter of joy apart from transportation comfort. However, in this era of tech-savvy and environment-friendliness, everything has changed. Not only the brand, color, or cost but also environmental factors matter in your first purchase. 

Many people don’t know what they should consider when buying vehicles for the first time. This isn’t a fault but can lead to some discrepancies in the short as well as the long term. This write-up will discuss the factors first-timers can consider while buying their first vehicle.

5 Factors to Consider for your first vehicle purchase 

Electric vehicles are one of the greatest trends in the country. Already a decade has witnessed India advancing in this field. Electric vehicles have all the innovation that combines with the environment. Right from its battery capacity, duration, and charging time, distance also matters.

All in all, neither your needs nor the environment needs a compromise. Everything needs to be balanced. So, here are some factors that you should keep in mind while buying your first vehicle: 

  • Charging ease 

The first thing that an electric item should do is to get charged. Your vehicle is best because an electric vehicle won’t use any fuel. Although it’s not gonna be that easy, it’s necessary. You, therefore, need to know about its charging time. Secondly, you need to know about its duration.

It may happen that you may not get a charging space. This is very common in a metropolitan city. In that case, you should decide it previously. Your society or residence should provide it. Alternatively, you can switch over to similar options.

Many platforms offer facilities for fast charging. Although Tech giants like Ola and Ather offer such facilities, consider it as only an occasional thing. Who knows when they would become paid? 

One more thing, many electric vehicles ease this situation with removable batteries. However, they can be heavy to transport and, therefore, to change. Therefore, this is also good for occasional use. 

  • User-specific features

Everyone has a specific choice of features that they need in their vehicles. This thing comes to mind for the very first time. Besides the cost, color, and battery, many people like to see other features. 

For example, someone would want a long-lasting battery with a removable feature. On the other hand, one would need some other features. One thing that you need to keep constant is the concern for the environment. 

Torque is also one more thing that you must consider. Some scooters or bikes offer excellent torque. For instance, a scooter with a 125 cc engine would be good enough to carry you amidst traffic. 

All in all, you should be specific about the features and their durability too. Since all the features would perish and fade with time, it’s better to pre-consider it. This works for all purchases apart from vehicles. 

Electric vehicles have a lot of advantages. One of them is their range. Some models have a great range while others don’t. Therefore, you should have good information about this feature. It causes a sort of anxiety in the customers.

However, the upcoming innovations are providing a great experience to the riders. You can, therefore, expect a reduction in this anxiety using these innovative solutions. 

You should know about your daily travel distance. For example, if it’s around 40-50 km, then a scooter with a range of 60 kmph can work. This applies to all the models that you want to purchase. 

Simply put, go for the scooter that can cater to your daily commute distance. This would ease your search for an electric vehicle that resonates well with your needs. 

Budget or financial planning forms a significant part of proceeding with my purchase. It’s not an uncommon experience to come across situations of financial dilemma. However, it should have rational solutions.

When purchasing scooters and bikes, you should make a rough calculation of the amount. This would save you from choosing from a wide range, allowing you to shortlist the best ones. Besides, you would be convinced to choose from certain models. 

Many electric vehicle companies sell their scooters and bikes at affordable prices. This is also due to the revision of the FAME scheme subsidy. Manufacturers are looking forward to clearing their current stock before the price rises. 

Cost-efficiency in the case of electric vehicles is comparatively higher in the beginning. However, it eases with usage in the long term. Therefore, invest wisely in your purchases. 

  • Choosing a reputed brand 

India has a great range of brands to choose from. Right from the previous decade, India has had so many brands performing excellently in electric vehicles. 

India’s famous FAME subsidy scheme for electric two-wheelers has increased many brands. You can, finally, expect a lot of brands to choose from. For example, Hero Electric, Ola electric, and Ampere are top-selling brands in the financial year 2023. 

More brands are coming up with the latest innovations in their company. They are aiming at the manufacturing of the best vehicles. Their solutions are aimed at saving the environment, thereby forming sustainable solutions. 

This allows the customers to choose their purchase sources on a vast horizon. You can, therefore, be sure of the advantage of versatility and diversity in selection. Besides, it’s better to look forward to many upcoming innovations in the near future. 

Is there anything else to add? 

The above-mentioned factors have summarized the needs of the present times. They will definitely grow in the upcoming time. Therefore, there is a lot to add to these factors. However, that’s a topic of research and homework.

These are the primary factors that one should consider. This topic is already a hot topic and is under the concern of environmentalists. The rest would be dependent on the future requirements. 


Being tech-savvy involves being aware and conscious of the environment too. Therefore, being a first-time purchaser of vehicles such as scooters and bikes must combine with the environment. When such things happen, one needs to ponder upon the situation. It would be better to consult a knowledgeable person before advancing this journey. 

In simple words, one needs to wonder about the environmental conditions. Your vehicle wouldn’t only affect your lifestyle but also the environment. Right from pollution to carbon footprints, everything relates to your vehicles. Therefore, one should consider the factors this write-up mentions. 



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