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Every Specification of Modern Scooter Hero Xoom

Hero MotoCorp, the world’s biggest bike organization, has, as of late, taken a striking action by sending off the Hero Xoom in the profoundly serious 110cc scooter fragment. Notwithstanding being the organization’s third 110cc scooter, the presentation of the Xoom seems OK as it brings an energetic pizazz and offers fragment highlights, separating it from its rivals.

The Hero Xoom plans to make up for a shortfall in the 110cc scooter fragment by giving an energetic and dynamic plan that is many times ailing in this class. The scooter includes sharp lines, aggressive bodywork, and a stylish cutting edge, making it outwardly endlessly interesting to younger riders. Hero MotoCorp has consciously attempted to implant a feeling of enthusiasm and style into the Xoom, drawing in clients looking for a more powerful and lively scooter.

Features and Specification of Hero Xoom

All special features and specifications of Hero Xoom sporty scooter:


The Hero Xoom stands out with its space-age design, which separates it from other 110cc scooters on the lookout. It has a smooth and sweet appearance, making it outwardly engaging. The scooter includes a projector Drove headlight and tail light, upgrading permeability and well-being.

Frame and Suspension:

Despite its cumbersome appearance, the Hero Xoom depends on the frame of its 110cc kin, the Maestro and the Delight. It offers a solid and dependable stage for a happy riding experience. The Xoom accompanies adjustable front forks and a mono-shock suspension at the back, guaranteeing a smooth and controlled ride over various landscapes.

Color Options: 

The Hero Xoom is accessible in five appealing color options: Games Red, Polestar Blue, Dark, Matt Abrax Orange, and Pearl Silver White. These options permit clients to pick a color that suits their inclinations and style.


With a length of 1,881mm and a width of 731mm (circle trim), the Hero Xoom is the longest and largest 110cc scooter in Hero’s portfolio. It offers adequate space for the rider and pillion, giving an open seating game plan. The scooter has a wheelbase of 1,300mm, adding to its dependability and mobility.

Ground Clearance: 

The Hero Xoom and its partners, the Delight and Maestro Edge 110, share a similar ground clearance of 155mm. This guarantees that the scooter can handle different street conditions practically without issues.

The Xoom sits at 770mm, offering an open-to-riding position for riders of various heights. It considers easy mobility and command over the scooter.

Braking System:

The top variation of the Hero Xoom is outfitted with a 190mm front plate brake, giving incredible halting power and upgraded well-being. The lower managers highlight a 130mm drum brake at the front. All variations accompany a 130mm drum brake at the back.

Alloy Wheels:

The ZX variation of the Hero Xoom accompanies double-tone alloy wheels, adding a lively touch to the scooter’s general appearance. The alloy wheels upgrade the style and give further developed solidness during rides.

Engine and Performance: 

A 110cc engine, like the Delight and Maestro models, controls the Hero Xoom. It conveys a power result of 8.05bhp at 7,250 rpm and a force of 8.7Nm at 5,750 rpm. The scooter highlights i3 innovation: Hero’s inactive beginning stop system. This innovation further develops fuel economy by naturally turning off the engine when inactive and restarting it when required.

The Hero Xoom offers a mileage of roughly 45 km, making it an effective decision for daily driving. Its fuel-productive engine and i3s innovation add to its great fuel economy.

Other Features:

The Xoom has a boot light, permitting clients to handily find and access their effects in the scooter’s stockpiling compartment. The scooter highlights Bluetooth connectivity, empowering riders to interface their cell phones and access elements, for example, call cautions and turn-by-turn routes. This component improves accommodation and connectivity during rides.

The Xoom has a computerized instrument cluster, including a speedometer, odometer, trip meter, and tachometer. The advanced showcase gives clear and exact data to the rider, guaranteeing simple checking of speed, distance voyaged, and engine RPM

Why Hero Xoom is Best Fit For You?

The Hero Xoom is the best fit if you are searching for a smart, solid, and element-stuffed scooter that offers a comfortable riding experience. Here’s the reason the Hero Xoom stands out as the ideal decision for you:

Comfortable Dimensions:

With its length of 1,881mm and width of 731mm (plate trim), the Xoom offers more than adequate space for both the rider and pillion. The comfortable seating game plan and a seat height of 770mm guarantee a relaxed riding position for riders of various heights. Also, the scooter’s long wheelbase of 1,300mm adds to its soundness and mobility.

Smooth Ride:

The Xoom features adjustable front forks and a mono-shock suspension at the back, giving a smooth and controlled ride over different territories. Whether exploring city roads or handling crooked streets, the Xoom’s suspension arrangement guarantees fantastic handling and solace.

Safety Features:

The Xoom is outfitted with a projector Drove headlight and Drove tail light, guaranteeing upgraded permeability and safety during night rides. The top variation accompanies a 190mm front circle brake, conveying great halting power. The lower managers are outfitted with a 130mm drum brake at the front, while all variations highlight a 130mm drum brake at the back. These braking systems offer solid and productive halting performance.

Fuel Efficiency:

The Xoom’s 110cc engine, combined with Hero’s i3s innovation, gives exceptional fuel efficiency. The inactive beginning stop system consequently turns off the engine while inactive, preserving fuel and lessening discharges. With a mileage of roughly 45 km, the Xoom is a conservative decision for everyday driving and longer rides.

Modern Features:

The Xoom accompanies modern features like Bluetooth connectivity, permitting you to associate your cell phone and access features like call cautions and turn-by-turn routes. The advanced instrument cluster gives accurate data, including speed, distance voyaged, and engine RPM.

Trusted Brand:

Hero MotoCorp is a famous and trusted brand in the bike business, known for its quality, dependability, and fantastic help organization. With Xoom, you can be positive about the brand’s obligation to convey a top-notch scooter that lives up to your assumptions.


Regarding performance, the Hero Xoom is controlled by a refined and productive 110cc engine, conveying a fine blend of force and fuel economy. The scooter is designed to give a smooth and comfortable ride, with its suspension arrangement and ergonomics streamlined for urban driving. With its deft handling and responsive engine, the Xoom offers a delightful riding experience, especially in congested city traffic.

Hero MotoCorp’s choice to present the Hero Xoom exhibits its obligation to remain ahead in a profoundly serious market. By zeroing in on the energetic perspective and offering novel features, Hero means to catch the consideration of clients searching for an unmistakable and highlight-rich 110cc scooter. The Xoom’s appearance expands Hero MotoCorp’s item portfolio and gives customers more decisions inside the 110cc fragment.



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