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Gravton Quanta QRX Electric Bike With a Swap Ecosystem

The size of the Indian electric bicycle market will reach $1,048 million by 2022.  The Gravton Quanta QRX electric bike with a swap ecosystem is perfect for bikers. This bike combines riding fun with electric power. The Gravton Quanta QRX is intelligent, powerful, and versatile. 

It can travel 150 kilometers on a charge and reach 60 km/h. Customize your ride with modes and settings. Its switch ecology lets you substitute your battery for a fully charged one at any Gravton swap station nationwide, setting it unique from other electric bikes. 

The Gravton app lets you find a swap station, book a battery, and pay online. Gravton Quanta QRX is more than an e-bike. It enables you to travel easily. 

Swap and Go with QUANTA QRX

QUANTA QRX isn’t just a regular electric bike. You can switch your used battery for a new one at any Gravton swap station in the country. This is an innovative and environmentally friendly option. The QUANTA QRX is a bike made by engineers and designers from Hyderabad, Telangana, India. 

They aimed to make a bike with good performance and usefulness and looks nice too. The QUANTA QRX seems nice and strong. It has a unique frame that you can easily step through. 

Depending on how you use it, you can go up to 160 km, 110 km, or 85 km on one charge. You can use the Gravton app to find the closest place to swap your battery, book it, and pay online.

Enjoy the Benefits of the Swap Ecosystem

The Swap Ecosystem goes beyond QUANTA QRX. It’s a safer, more exciting way to ride. Swap Ecosystem allows features below:

  1. Mobile-call Battery Swap: No worries regarding battery life or charging stations. Request a fully charged battery using the Gravton app.
  2. Ride Data: The computerized dashboard displays speed, distance, battery level, and mode. The app shows riding history and performance.
  3. Push Navigation: Use the dashboard or app for directions. Find the nearest swap station or service center easily.
  4. Live Whereabouts and Vehicle Tracking: Share your whereabouts with friends and family on the app. Track your bike’s location and status live.
  5. Theft/Tow Detection: Protect your bike with the built-in alarm system. If your bike is tampered with, the app will notify you.

Experience the Power of QUANTA

The Gravton Quanta QRX Electric Bike leads in sustainability, convenience, and performance. This incredible two-wheeler is designed to tackle harsh situations—the Quanta QRX thrills with 172 Nm of wheel torque and 3KW of power. 

Its 18-degree gradability lets it traverse rugged terrain and steep grades. Riders can expand the range to 320 km with a dual battery setup. The Quanta QRX is practical and durable. This electric bike can carry 250 kg and function well. Its sturdy rib cage protects important components, letting you conquer any terrain. 

The Quanta QRX’s speed won’t disappoint speed fans. This electric bike can go from 0-40 km/ph in 6 seconds and reach 80 Kmph. Unleash the Gravton Quanta QRX Electric Bike. It’s a high-performance machine that elevates your riding experience.

Remarkable Specifications for Unmatched Performance

Quanta QRX Electric Bike specs will amaze you. This two-wheeled marvel delivers an exhilarating and efficient ride with its remarkable torque, battery capacity, range, and speed. 

  • 172Nm of torque powers the Quanta QRX. This massive power allows rapid acceleration and easy traversing of even the most challenging terrain. 
  • This electric bike’s 3kW motor ensures a fantastic ride. 
  • The Quanta QRX’s 3kW battery allows 160 km per charge. This outstanding range lets you explore freely, whether on a long-distance trip or commuting. 
  • The Quanta QRX can achieve 70 km/h, delighting speed demons. Three riding modes—Eco, City, and Sports—optimize performance for different preferences. 
  • At 30 kph, Eco mode provides a comfortable, energy-efficient ride. City mode allows 45 km/h, which is excellent for city driving. 
  • Sports mode lets you reach 70 km/h for an adrenaline rush. Quanta QRX charging takes 4 hours. You can quickly charge the battery and return to the road, minimizing downtime and maximizing riding pleasure. 
  • Quanta QRX Electric Bikes are robust, efficient, and versatile. Its remarkable features guarantee an unsurpassed riding experience that blends thrill and reliability, allowing you to embrace electric mobility.

Quanta QRX Electric Bike’s Compact and Lightweight Design

This agile and comfortable two-wheeler was carefully designed for size and weight. The Quanta QRX perfectly combines maneuverability and spaciousness at 1940 x 870 x 1270 mm (LWH). Its small size makes it easy to maneuver in busy cities. 

Despite its diminutive size, the bike’s 1260mm wheelbase provides stability and control at high speeds. The Quanta QRX is lightweight at 98 kg. This improves the bike’s agility and efficiency. The 47:53 F: R ratio delivers a well-balanced weight distribution for better handling and stability in varied riding conditions. 

The Quanta QRX’s 183mm ground clearance lets it easily navigate rugged terrain. The saddle height of 785mm allows riders of all heights to reach the ground while maintaining control and confidence comfortably. 

The Quanta QRX Electric Bike combines size and weight well. Its compact design, lightweight construction, and well-thought-out specifications ensure a fun ride on city streets or off-road tracks.

In summary

In conclusion, the Gravton Quanta QRX Electric Bike, with its innovative Swap Ecosystem, is a true game-changer in sustainable mobility. With its robust design, impressive performance specifications, and the ability to seamlessly swap batteries, this electric bike redefines convenience and opens up a world of possibilities for riders. 

Whether you’re commuting in the city, embarking on adventurous off-road journeys, or simply seeking a greener mode of transportation, the Quanta QRX delivers on all fronts. Its compact dimensions, lightweight construction, and thoughtful measurements ensure a comfortable and agile ride. 

Embrace a greener future and experience the unmatched combination of sustainability, performance, and convenience with the Gravton Quanta QRX Electric Bike. Get ready to embark on thrilling rides with the power to swap and go, making every journey a seamless and enjoyable experience.



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