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How To Choose The Best Electric Cycle in India?

Electric Cycles, the emerging culture of sustainable means of commuting is an environment-friendly answer to the pollution crisis grabbing the market today. Old-fashioned bicycles have transformed into revolutionary mobility tools, making the same ride absolutely different. With the right Electric Cycle, conquering tough tracks and challenging distances is at your hands.

But getting it right, is important. The question of how to choose an electric bike can be approached from multiple perspectives. One such being: finding the Best! The best electric cycle is one that can perform the best, given the need.

The best for you is the ‘one best Electric Cycle that can cater to your personalized needs’. In the following pages, we will dive deeper to understand the qualities that make up a perfect choice.


When choosing your electric bike, identify the geometry that matches you. The geometry is influenced by the kind of ride, distance, and terrain you prefer to traverse. It defines your experience on different trails. It says how the bike must be modeled to perfectly fit your body. This limits the pressure exerted on your muscles.

‘Straight-back’ geometry is preferred for short rides, not longer than 30 minutes. It is also suitable for people who do not want to compromise on comfort. It allows for relaxed brief rides without having to tense the muscles. For women in skirts, men in suits, and the elderly who cannot afford performance, this is suitable.

For longer rides more than 30 minutes and for sporty rides VTC mountain bikes fit best. Such Electric Cycles are a little tilted to maximize pedaling efficiency, thus making longer rides comfortable and ergonomic. Moreover, the wide notched tiers of  ATV (All-terrain vehicle) design are conducive for rough terrain and high-spirited sporty rides.

Battery and Range

The heart of the bike, the battery pack essentially decides the range of the electric bike. The longer the distance you want to cover, the better your battery must be. Batteries with the greatest capacity and most advanced technology are ideally the best, however, it is likely to be expensive.

Lithium-ion batteries are popular in recent times and are lighter in weight. They do not have a memory effect, meaning that they do not necessarily have to be fully discharged before recharging. This will increase the life of the battery and is advisable for the best performance.

Furthermore, the energy produced by the battery, a product of the voltage and capacity, impacts the performance of the Electric Cycle. Greater the energy capacity (Wh), the better is the Electric Cycle as the range of your Electric Cycle increases.  The requirement for energy capacity varies with usage, which means the cost of your Electric Cycle will vary too. To ensure that you buy the best value electric bike, this measure is important.

If you are likely to cover flat terrain and would not exceed 25 kilometers, then lower energy capacity will suffice. Your battery requires a minimum of 170Wh. For longer distances, you will need at least a 240Wh battery and for mountains and coasts a minimum of 360Wh battery.

While these are the approximate minimums, you can choose a better battery, but it might not be required. Nevertheless, the range of the Electric Cycle is also guided by the difficulty of the terrain, and the levels of pedal-assist you deploy. Therefore, your battery consideration should extend beyond the range you want.


The location of the motor on your Electric Cycle conditions the stability, balance, and price of the bike. Motors in the middle of the Electric Cycle guarantee comfort, stability, and balance. This is because the center of gravity is in the central region of the Electric Cycle. If these are a requisite for you, then though it might be a little expensive, you should go for it.

Rear motor Electric Cycles are desirable for heavy people and for those who want a powerful motor. The front motor makes service easier as a result of the isolated positioning. It also helps in distributing the strain between the rear and front wheels which consequently requires lower maintenance. Overall, mid-drive motors are better.


Additionally, although assistance from the motor compensates for issues of weight, this element can impact performance and durability. Frames and batteries are the major contributors to the weight of your electric bicycles.


Electric Cycles might be heavier because it has a weighty battery which has a longer life. This might sound good, but weight can also drain out more energy. You will regret it, however, if you are prone to run out of charge.


LightSpeed Electric Cycles, for instance, have steel frames which makes it bulky. Nevertheless, it is more durable and makes it competent for heavy frequent riding. Lightweight Electric Cycles are appealing, but they are likely to cost you an arm and a leg. Hence, consider the weight that is right for you.

Additional Technology built-in

Electric Cycles can be embedded with top-notch technology. Some come installed with GPS, smart tracking system, anti-theft alarms, automatic sensing of terrain, connection to the smartphone, rearview camera and the list keeps upgrading. High-tech Electric Cycles integrated with smart functionalities can enhance the riding experience; nevertheless, they will burn a hole in your pocket.


The best Electric Cycles bring with it elements that are essential for an elegant ride. For instance, LCD display is a common feature that illustrates basic riding detail — distance covered, charge, speed, mode, and more. If you can afford, then more is better. On the contrary, if you prefer to make a humble purchase, simple good ones are good enough.

Quality of components

Be sure to not compromise on the quality of the components that make up your Electric Cycle. Bike manufacturers incorporate value-priced components, meaning that the price hints to the quality. Wanting to cut costs, do not jump to incredibly cheap Electric Cycles. You might be deceived as you will have to pay extra for having chosen poor quality.


When considering the type of components, it is worthwhile to question the kind of braking system you need. The break you choose — hydraulic disc brakes or mechanical disc brakes — makes a big difference. Although either of them can bring you to a halt when activated, one is better than the other.

Hydraulic disc brakes use sealed fluid to create the resistance required to stop the bike. On the other hand, steel cables spark friction to stop the bike. Mechanical brakes are cheaper and maintenance can be easier, while hydraulic brakes can cost extra and makes maintenance difficult and expensive.

On the bright side, hydraulic brakes have a longer life and will not call for frequent maintenance. This braking system is more powerful and gives you fine-grained control — it is responsive to low-pressure impulses. For high-speed serious cyclists and climbing hills, hydraulic disc brakes are advisable. Whereas for new riders on a budget, mechanical disc brakes are sufficient.

An Electric Cycle is the best only when you can feel the best on it. This differs from person to person. Felidae Electric Cycles might be ideal for those with high expectations; while less expensive urban Electric Cycles like Hero Lectro can suit less demanding people.

When choosing, you must engage in a comparative study on the features and conduct a full review of the model. A test ride can do the magic of disclosing to you many facts that you will not want to miss. Therefore, be sure to buy an Electric Cycle after subjecting it to the test. Finally, opt for the one that can cater to your needs in the best possible way.



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