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Introducing KM5000: Kabira Mobility’s Breakthrough Electric Bike Sets New Speed and Range

Kabira Mobility unveils the highly anticipated electric bike KM5000. This impressive e-bike will revolutionize the Indian market as the fastest and longest-range option. 

The KM5000 boasts advanced technology and supports Kabira Mobility’s sustainability mission, making it a top choice for eco-minded commuters and enthusiasts. This electric bike challenges norms and shows India’s potential for electric mobility. The KM5000 inspires a greener future for electric bike enthusiasts.

Unparalleled Speed and Range

Kabira Mobility launches the KM5000 e-bike, a milestone for the Indian industry. “Unique single swing arm design, a first in India.” Innovative design enhances bike performance and maneuverability while adding visual appeal. The KM5000 is India’s fastest electric bike, reaching up to 188 km/hour. 


This fast speed offers exciting possibilities for riders seeking an electrifying biking experience. The KM5000 has a range of 344 km on a single charge. Long journeys with confidence, thanks to extended coverage. 


The KM5000 enables worry-free long rides for daily commutes or weekend adventures. Kabira Mobility’s KM5000 electric bike is a game-changer. A significant improvement in electric two-wheeler tech offers speed, range, and style. 

Flexible Charging Options for Convenient Powering

KM5000 electric bike by Kabira Mobility offers dual charging options for user convenience. This approach allows riders to charge their bike according to their needs quickly. Use a high-speed boost charger to charge the electric bike from 0-80% in under 2 hours. Ideal for quick power top-ups for a swift return to the road. For overnight or extended charging, KM5000 includes a standard charger. 

Kabira Mobility offers fast and regular chargers for riders with different preferences and schedules. This charging option allows riders to charge their bike at a relaxed pace for full readiness. The KM5000 electric bike is a practical and user-friendly choice with added convenience. 

Premium Performance Comes at a Price

Kabira Mobility’s KM5000 e-bike is now priced as one of India’s priciest. It comes with an expected starting price: of Rs. 3.15 lakhs. The KM5000 focuses on high-quality performance and advanced technology. Goa’s ex-showroom price sets the benchmark for this electric bike. 

Though high-priced, KM5000 boasts advanced features like top speed, exceptional range, and innovative design. Kabira Mobility’s promotion of the KM5000 as a high-end e-bike shows its commitment to innovation and extraordinary rides. 

Though pricey, the KM5000’s exceptional performance and promise of a thrilling ride make it a top choice for electric two-wheel enthusiasts. The company’s announcement of the electric cruiser bike launch has enthusiasts eagerly anticipating its high-performance quality and advanced features.

Anticipated Launch and Delivery

Kabira Mobility’s KM5000 electric bike debut and delivery updates have been anxiously awaited. The company’s official statement says the electric cruiser bike would launch this year, exciting electric vehicle enthusiasts. 

Manufacturers often leave enough time between launch and delivery to ensure production readiness, address potential manufacturing issues, and meet product demand. As of now, the KM5000 is expected to ship in 2024. This implies that while the public can expect the spectacular reveal of this great electric bike in the near future, they will have to wait to get their hands on it and enjoy its exceptional performance. 

The KM5000’s unveiling will be a milestone for electric bike enthusiasts. The KM5000’s speed, range, charging, and design could change India’s electric two-wheeler market.

Unveiling the KM5000: A Fusion of Style, Power, and Advanced Features

Kabira Mobility’s KM5000 is a captivating fusion of cruiser and roadster design elements, departing from their sporty portfolio. 

  • The KM5000 boasts a retro look that catches the eye on the road. Its bobber-like single-seat styling is a notable feature that adds to its allure. 
  • The single-sided swingarm design showcases Kabira Mobility’s innovative and unique design, though aesthetics may trump practicality. 
  • The KM5000 has an exceptional 11.6kWh liquid-cooled battery pack, surpassing all other electric bikes in the country.
  • Offers fast charging, with an optional charger of 0-80% in 2 hours. 
  • With an impressive battery capacity, this electric bike offers a range of 344km, exceeding competitors. Our wide range allows riders to confidently go on longer trips without power concerns. 
  • The KM5000 has a mid-drive motor by Delta EV, reaching a top speed of 188kmph. This speedy figure ignites excitement for riders. 
  • The KM5000 boasts high-quality hardware, including an inverted Showa fork and Nitrox mono shock suspension. 
  • The bike has twin front discs and a single rear disc with ABS for accurate handling and stopping power. 
  • KM5000 features a 7-inch console with 4G connectivity. This display offers navigation, music control, TPMS, and ride stats to improve the ride. 
  • The KM5000 by Kabira Mobility is a powerful and stylish electric bike with advanced features and premium hardware. 
  • The KM5000 electric bike will revolutionize India’s e-bike market with its distinctive design, sturdy battery, and advanced technology.

Kabira Mobility’s KM5000: Transforming the Electric Bike Landscape in India

KM5000 by Kabira Mobility to revolutionize the Indian e-bike market. The KM5000 sets new benchmarks in electric two-wheeler technology with cutting-edge advancements. The KM5000 proves Kabira Mobility’s commitment to revolutionizing the e-bike market. 

This e-bike aims to surpass ICE bikes with high performance and advanced safety features, offering a superior riding experience. CEO Jaibir Siwach of Kabira Mobility firmly believes in the electric bike’s potential to outperform traditional combustion engines. 

The statement shows confidence in the KM5000, saying electric bikes can match or exceed conventional motorcycles in performance and safety. The KM5000 demonstrates Kabira Mobility’s commitment to advancing electric bikes. It innovates and surpasses the competition with advanced features. 

Final Words

In conclusion, Kabira Mobility’s KM5000 electric bike will disrupt the Indian market with its cutting-edge technology. This e-bike thrills eco-conscious commuters and enthusiasts with speed, range, and flair. The KM5000 sets new electric two-wheeler standards with its 188 km/h top speed and 344 km range on a single charge.

The KM5000’s design and performance demonstrate Kabira Mobility’s sustainability. The e-bike’s huge battery and varied charging options make riding easy. The KM5000 is more expensive than comparable electric motorcycles, but its performance and features justify the cost.



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