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LUCE is the New Evaluation for Indian Scooter

Omega Seiki Mobility (OSM), an electric vehicle (EV) producer, is trying to present another electric scooter called “LUCE” to the shopper fragment of the market. This move comes after the progress of their electric scooter, Mopido, intended for the freight section. With the send-off of LUCE, OSM intends to catch a bigger portion of the EV market and take special facilities and the requirements of individual shoppers.

The organization has set a course of events of three to four months for the arrival of LUCE, demonstrating that the scooter is in the high-level transformative phases. OSM’s emphasis on the purchaser section proposes that LUCE will be planned with highlights and details customized to meet the prerequisites of everyday workers and urban riders.

Specification and Features of Electrical Vehicle LUCE

Here are the top specification and features of the best electric scooter LUCE :

  • Top Speed: 

The LUCE electric scooter brags an impressive top speed of 140 km/h, making it perhaps the quickest electric scooter accessible in the Indian market. The LUCE scooter offers an expected range of 100-150 km on a solitary charge. This range makes it reasonable for everyday driving and short to medium-distance trips without the requirement for regular charging. The LUCE electric scooter is outfitted with a strong engine that guarantees quick speed increase and superb execution. The subtleties of the engine determinations have yet to be uncovered.

  • Battery: 

The scooter features a high-limit battery that drives the engine. Albeit the particular battery limit has not been revealed, giving adequate energy to the scooter’s great range is designed. The LUCE scooter’s battery supports rapid charging innovation, permitting it to be completely energized in under 60 minutes. This speedy charging ability limits downtime and gives comfort to riders.

  • Design:

The LUCE electric scooter has an intense and forceful design, taking special care of the inclinations of the younger age. It features smooth lines, a sporty front sash, and a modern appearance, making it an outwardly engaging and beautiful ride.

  • LED Headlamp: 

The scooter is outfitted with a LED headlamp that guarantees excellent permeability during nighttime riding. The LED innovation offers energy proficiency and a more brilliant brightening contrasted with normal halogen bulbs.

  • Digital Instrument Cluster: 

The LUCE scooter accompanies a digital instrument cluster that gives riders fundamental data. It shows information like speed, battery level, and other ride-related data, offering accommodation and simply checking the scooter’s exhibition.

  • Spacious Seat: 

The scooter features a spacious seat, guaranteeing a happy riding experience even during longer excursions. The ergonomic design and good cushioning offer more than adequate help to the rider.

  • Storage Compartment: 

LUCE electric scooter offers an enormous storage compartment that allows riders to store their effects in a hurry safely. This valuable storage space adds common sense to the scooter’s design, making it reasonable for everyday driving and getting things done.

  • USB Charging Port: 

The scooter incorporates a USB charging port, empowering riders to charge electronic devices like cell phones while moving. This component improves comfort and guarantees riders stay associated during their excursions.

  • Variants and Colors: 

The LUCE electric scooter will be accessible in 5-6 unique variants, furnishing clients with various browsing choices. While explicit subtleties have not been revealed, OSM means to offer customization and take special care of different buyer inclinations. The scooter will be accessible in six distinct colors, albeit the specific colors have not yet been declared.

  • Dealership Network: 

OSM has a broad network of 160+ dealerships across India. This inescapable presence guarantees that potential clients will have simple admittance to deals, administration, and support for the LUCE electric scooter.

  • Pricing: 

The organization has yet to reveal the pricing subtleties for the LUCE electric scooter. However, OSM intends to offer cutthroat pricing lower than the market rates for comparative particulars. The organization is focused on making electric portability more reasonable and open to a more crowd.

  • Advanced Features: 

The LUCE electric scooter accompanies a range of advanced features to improve the riding experience. These features incorporate a Bluetooth-enabled digital instrument cluster that can match up with the rider’s cell phone, giving different information and usefulness. It likewise incorporates a brilliant key for remote locking/opening, motor turnover/stop, and GPS-based scooter. Extra features incorporate an enemy of robbery alert framework and a non-freezing stopping mechanism (ABS) for upgraded security.

Luce Electic Scooter is Best for You or Not?

One of the key selling points of LUCE is its cutthroat valuing methodology. OSM plans to offer the scooter at a lower cost contrasted with existing choices on the lookout. Like this, they mean to make electric versatility more open and draw a bigger client base. Bringing the hindrance down to a section for EVs can urge more individuals to embrace supportable transportation arrangements.

The LUCE scooter, OSM, has likewise reported plans to send off India’s most memorable hydrogen-based cart reaching 400 kilometers. This move shows the organization’s obligation to investigate elective fuel sources and extend its item portfolio to cover a more extensive scope of purchaser needs.

OSM has proactively laid a good foundation for itself as a respectable EV producer with a different range of vehicles in its portfolio. Their emphasis on electric scooters, carts, and other electric vehicles positions them as vital participants in the Indian market’s progress toward feasible transportation.

The impending send-off of the LUCE scooter by OSM signals the organization’s goal to infiltrate the shopper portion of the EV market. With cutthroat valuing and a solid standing for delivering dependable and creative electric vehicles, OSM is ready to have a huge effect and add to the development of electric versatility in India.


While explicit pricing subtleties are yet to be declared, OSM’s emphasis on adaptability and cost decrease demonstrates that the LUCE scooter will be seriously estimated, planning to make electric portability more available to the majority. OSM’s obligation to appeal funding and renting choices further support this objective.

The LUCE electric scooter consolidates style, execution, range, and advanced features to offer electric scooter lovers a complete and engaging bundle. With OSM’s laid-out standing as an EV producer and its commitment to giving creative and reasonable transportation arrangements, the LUCE scooter is ready to have a tremendous effect on the Indian market and add to the more extensive reception of electric portability.



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