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Maintain Your E-bike Like a Pro | E-Bike Guide

E-bikes are everywhere today. They are a great way to get around. With the fashion of e-bikes becoming popular, people will notice your e-bikes as you glide past them in a maze of cars, busses, and bikes. The spick and span state of your e-bike both mechanically and externally should entice the onlooker to reconsider their mode of transportation.  

Therefore, it is important to be aware of simple essentials to keep them in perfect conditions. Regular e-bike maintenance can extend the life of the electric bike and save a lot of money that would otherwise be spent on expensive repairs. This habitual practice of DIY e-bike servicing can yield great rewards in the long term.

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Properly clean your bike after every long ride; this would prevent huge debris away from clogging in the chains and motors. Washing it once every fortnight on average might be ideal, however, it varies based on the frequency and length of use. Pressurized streams of water should never be used, as there is a chance of disintegrating electrical components. Exposing components to water might do more harm than good.

To clean regular dirt from your e-bike, a damp cloth will suffice. But a low-pressure water stream can also be used. For heavy dirt, a mild degreaser can be used. Remember to remove the battery and the LCD before washing the bike. Also, wipe the bike thoroughly with a dry rag after washing.

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You must maintain adequate tire pressure as flattened tires will require more energy thereby, affecting the battery adversely. The side of the tires can tell you the ideal pressure. So, it is always good to keep the tires under check, especially before a long journey.

You should also know how to deal with a flat tire. If the e-bike has mid-drive motors, then it can be repaired as you would fix a conventional bicycle tire. The repair is complex for hub-motors as the electric connection will need to be handled.

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Lubricating moving parts, the chain, is essential to keep them distressed. But before doing so clear the grit and grime that accumulates on the surface of the chain with a rag. Then apply lubricants sparingly and wipe out the excess lube from the surface to keep the bike clean.

Make sure that the lubricant does not come in contact with the brake discs or the front sprocket. To ensure this, apply lubricant on parts of the chain that runs loosely. The frequency of lubricating, again, is influenced by the amount of usage. E-bikes that are used almost every day are likely to require weekly lubrication to ensure that the e-bike runs smoothly.

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The heart of the e-bike, the battery requires quite some attention. Remove the battery pack from the electric bicycle and after turning off the switch on the battery pack, plug in the battery. Take caution when handling heavy batteries. 

Unlike phones and laptops, it is never advisable to let the battery discharge completely. Maintaining the battery charge and charging it when there is a 30-50% charge is a healthy idea.  

Lithium-ion batteries are the most commonly used in e-bikes. They do not have a memory effect, so there is no concern over losing capacity owing to repeated partial charges. However, they are sensitive to temperature and cold temperatures can drain the battery quickly. If the temperature of your surroundings can get very low, then it is advisable to store the battery in a warm place. 

The battery capacity will vary the time needed to be fully charged. Reading the instruction manual can prove beneficial because of the required changes with models. The built-in cut-off in chargers will stop the battery from charging once it is fully charged. However, it is good to not over-rely on the cut-off and overcharges the battery. Also, it is always recommended to use the prescribed battery chargers when charging the battery. 

Additionally, for safe rides frequently check and adjust the brakes. Monitor if there are any loose parts or excessive wear in of brake pads and rotors. If you find anything problematic, then a little examination by a professional will not harm you. The wear level mentioned in the specifications of the manual indicates the time to replace brake pads and rotors. 


Proper maintenance can keep away huge costs. So do spare some time to pay necessary attention to your e-bikes maintenance needs.



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