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Matter Aera: The first Gerard Electric Bike in India

The Matter Aera electric bike will be controlled by an elite execution lithium-particle battery that can convey a scope of up to 120 km on a solitary charge. A quick charger can energize the battery to 80% in only 45 minutes. The bike will have a maximum velocity of 90 kmph, possibly the quickest electric bike in the country.

The Matter Aera will include an amazing design and streamlined plan with a smooth profile and clean lines. The bike will accompany LED lighting, a computerized instrument bunch, and a regenerative slowing mechanism. The bike will likewise have a shrewd keyless beginning framework and reverse stuff for simplicity of stopping and moving in restricted spaces.

Specification and Features of Matter Aera Electric Bike

The Matter Aera electric bike is a noteworthy contribution from Matter Engine, an auxiliary of Matter Energy, which is set to revolutionize India’s superior electric bike fragment. With its smooth and streamlined plan, strong engine, and swappable battery, the Aera is loaded with highlights that make it a convincing decision for those searching for a sharp and eco-accommodating method of transportation.

You should understand the particular specification and highlights of the Matter Aera electric bike.

  • Engine Power and Drive Type:

The Matter Aera is fueled by an elite execution center point engine that conveys a pinnacle force of 520 Nm, making it the most remarkable electric bike on the lookout. The bike accompanies a manual transmission with four pinion wheels, offering a smooth and agreeable ride. The Matter Aera Electric Bike offers a strong riding experience thanks to its powerful 10.5kW electric engine and fluid-cooled 5kWh battery. 

One of the exceptional highlights of the Matter Aera is its four-speed manual gearbox, a unique case in electric vehicles. This gearbox allows riders to change their riding style and benefit from the strong engine. The Aera 5000 variation benefits from the 5kWh battery pack, while the Aera 4000 and 6000 variations accompany 4kWh and 6kWh battery packs separately.

  • Battery Limit and Reach:

The Aera accompanies a swappable lithium-particle battery with a limit of 5 kWh, conveying a guaranteed scope of 125 km/charge. The battery can be energized to 80% in only 45 minutes with a quick charger, and the bike likewise accompanies a quick charging season of 2 hours. This implies that riders can rapidly and effectively charge their bikes in a hurry, making it ideal for long rides.

  • Design and Aspects:

The Matter Aera has a sharp and streamlined plan that makes certain to blow some people’s minds out and about. The bike accompanies Drove lighting, including Drove tail and blinker lights, which upgrade its general tasteful allure. The bike likewise has a smooth profile and clean lines, with various choices, including dark, white, blue, and red. It accompanies a compound wheel type, and its aspects are 2040 mm long, 840 mm in width, and 1225 mm in level.

  • Brakes:

The Matter Aera comes outfitted with circle brakes on the front and back tires, giving magnificent halting power and security. The bike additionally includes regenerative slowing down, which assists with re-energizing the battery while riding.

  • Extra Highlights:

The Aera likewise accompanies a scope of extra highlights, for example, USB charging ports, music control, emergency aides, and call/SMS cautions, making it a practical and reasonable choice for everyday use.

  • Variations:

The Matter Aera is accessible in two variations – the 5000, valued at Rs. 1.43 lakh, and the 5000+, valued at Rs. 1.53 lakh. The Aera 5000+ offers extra highlights like prescient support, customized execution information, and customization choices.

Why Matter Aera Electric Bike India’s First Gerard is Best for You?

The Matter Aera Electric Bike is a brilliant choice for anybody searching for a superior presentation electric bike in India. With its strong electric engine, long-range battery, and high-level highlights, the Matter Aera offers an exceptional riding experience that is difficult to beat.

One of the most notable highlights of the Matter Aera is its strong electric engine. With an engine force of 10,000 watts and a force of 520 Nm, this electric bike can undoubtedly deal with any landscape and convey an elating riding experience.

One more key component of the Matter Aera is its long-range battery. With a battery limit of 5 kWh, the bike can trip up to 125 km on a solitary charge. The quick charging season of only 2 hours additionally guarantees that you can rapidly re-energize the battery and get back out and about in a matter of moments.

The Matter Aera is likewise loaded with cutting-edge includes that make it stand apart from other electric bikes available. The bike accompanies a 4-speed gearbox, an interesting component for electric bikes, that permits you to change between various gears to change your riding style. It likewise accompanies a swappable battery, so you can undoubtedly supplant it when required without sitting tight for it to re-energize.

Other high-level elements of the Matter Aera incorporate a 4G network, high-level ride details, live area following, and a coordinated, clever, warm administration framework. The bike likewise accompanies a scope of well-being highlights, including an identification and warning process, emergency aides, and an inactive keyless section.


The Matter Aera is supposed to be a distinct advantage in India’s top-notch electric bike fragment, offering a remarkable mix of style, execution, and innovation. The Matter Aera Electric Bike is a superb choice for anybody searching for a superior presentation electric bike in India. With its strong electric engine, long-range battery, and high-level elements, the Matter Aera offers a superior riding experience that is difficult to beat. 

This great powertrain conveys a certifiable scope of 125km, going with it a fantastic decision for both workers and experience searchers. With its 4-speed gearbox and great reach and speed, the bike makes certain to draw in a ton of consideration from electric bike lovers in India. The send-off of the Matter Aera is anxiously expected, and it still needs to be clear how it will pass against its rivals on the lookout.



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