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MG Comet: A Comprehensive EV Vehicle Review 

The MG Comet is more complicated than most automobiles. It’s an urban electric hatchback like a Tiago EV, boxy, tall, upright like a Wagon R, and capacious like a Hyundai Ioniq 5 due to its born-electric platform. 

Despite all these references, driving it feels like nothing else, precisely what MG wants. It hopes the Comet’s unusual appearance and unique abilities will attract a new type of buyer. It’s a risk, but could it work? Let’s look into the EV Vehicle Review.

 MG Comet Specification

As it is new in the market, everyone wants a detailed specification of this EV. So, here, we will help you know whether it is worth it in terms of safety, features, and quality. 

  • Quality

For a cheap automobile, Comet’s perceived quality may sell it. The plastic is high-quality, well-assembled, and has soft-touch dash and door material. The roof liner’s high-quality woven material and light grey and glossy white colors make it look cool and techy but unclean. The steering controls resemble the Apple iPod click-wheel from 22 years ago, reflecting the techy motif. 

  • Safety and Features

The massive AC knobs, rotary drive state selector that clicks into place, unusual lozenge-like key fob, and beautifully carved indicator and wiper stalks are among the highlights. The free-standing 10.25-inch color infotainment and instrumentation screens are the main attraction. Slim, high-resolution, and vibrant, the panels resemble a Mercedes GLA. They can be utilized in bright light without a hooded binnacle, contributing to their aesthetic. 


The UI is sleek, touchscreen performance is good, and most programs have smartphone-like configurable home screen widgets. Though helpful with SOC, range, and voltage statistics, the instruments panel might have had larger images for easy reading on the go. The Comet emblem in the center is cool, but it takes up too much screen space and implies ADAS functions, which the Indian car doesn’t have. 

It has linked auto tech, wireless Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, a leatherette-wrapped steering wheel, and keyless entry and go. Smartphones unlock cars. The Comet would have benefited from wireless charging, auto climate control, and headlights.

MG Comet Price and Verdict: Is it Worth Buying?

The MG Comet breaks every rule. Even EVs, often a family’s primary mode of transportation, are rated on various criteria. MG claims the Comet will not be that car initially. They expect risk-takers with another car to be their early adopters. They’ll ride the Comet alone, with their lover, or with two pals to watch a movie. They won’t drive, move, or fly with it. If they have kids, it may be used for school runs only. MG’s pitch presentation includes shocking figures indicating that most young people in big cities live this way. 

As mentioned, this is a complicated automobile, but MG’s thinking is sound: why not eliminate what people don’t need and focus on what they do? It’s meant to be a specialist, not a generalist. Its agility, ease of parking, and low running costs (MG claims Rs 519 a month) make up for its lack of practicality and performance, and its range may be sufficient for urban use. 

Two airbags, ABS with EBD, a tire-pressure drop indication, rear parking sensors, and ISOFIX child seat fixings ensure safety. Even though the ride quality could have been better, the cabin could have used more practical storage, and a few additional features would have set it apart, it still occupies a unique niche. 

India’s most affordable electric car is MG’s Rs 7.98-9.98 lakh (ex-showroom) starting pricing for the first 5,000 units. Given Comet’s little place in a market that still prefers a direct price-to-size relationship, this smartly undercuts the Tata Tiago EV. EVs, especially the Comet, have changed that mentality. 

MG Comet Performance

The MG Comet’s 17.3kWh Tata Autocomp prismatic cell lithium-ion battery gives it a stated 230km MIDC cycle range. We found it kept its charge well during our brief, city-centric drive, and extrapolated, worked out to a range of close to 200km. We’ll reserve final judgment until we can undertake a thorough Autocar India range test. As all EV batteries drop their charge rate for the last 20%, it’s claimed to charge from 10-80% in 5 hours and 100 percent in 7 hours. 

 MG can install a Type 2 AC fast charger at your home or business to charge the Comet at its maximum 3.3kW rate. MG will incorporate DC fast charging into future models if customers want it. 42hp and 110Nm are the MG Comet’s power and torque. The car isn’t heavy, with just over 800kg curb weight. Since it’s not based on an average ICE hatchback, its motor is at the back for a rear-wheel-drive arrangement, so the tiny 145/70 R12 front tires aren’t overwhelmed by steering and propulsion. 

 The Comet has a keyless go but no start button. To start it, depress the brake pedal for 2 seconds, and to turn it off, get out and lock it. The three drive modes—Eco, Normal, and Sport—differ. For most cases, utilize Normal instead than Eco, which can feel excessively repressed for Indian traffic. 

How Does the EV Vehicle Perform on the Road?

The Comet’s unusual proportions must be adjusted from the tall driver’s seat. It’s small, the front terminates near your feet, the wedged seats and wide C-pillar block your view rearward, and the vertical doors make you think you have little room on either side when you do. This car is hardly more significant than an autorickshaw and takes up half a lane, so you must drive adequately. Driveshaft-free steering makes city driving easy. 

Its 8.4-meter turning radius is due to its small size, not its wheels. Because of its short length, top-heavy height, and tiny wheels, it doesn’t like sudden direction changes. It gets frightened as you move faster, so steer gently. If the road is uneven, the stubby wheels and tires don’t comply like a bigger car or one with longer-travel suspension. 

Every road irregularity is felt in the hard ride. Potholes and speed breakers also thump. Slowing down greatly helps, and the Comet’s suspension works best at moderate speeds. Refinement is good without a combustion engine, but narrow tires reduce road noise. The boxy design and wide reflectors reduce wind noise.


The MG Comet EV isn’t a good starter car. The Comet is a tiny runabout that’s fantastic for crowded cities, looks attractive, and is cheap to run. The Comet may appear less practical than the Tata Tiago EV, a four-door electric hatchback with more range and space for more money.

 The MG Comet is a good choice if you want to customize your car from the dealership and want a unique-looking automobile that makes a statement. Given Indian cities’ growing congestion, it’s worth considering if you want to stand out.



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