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OLA S1 Pro EV vs. River Indie EV

The Indie, made by the Bengaluru-based electric vehicle (EV) startup River, has been released in India for Rs. 1.25 lakh (ex-showroom). The funky-looking scooter competes with Ola Electric’s S1 Pro, also available for the same price.

Can the newcomer unseat the frontrunner with its roomy under-seat compartment and robust electric motor? So, let’s find out. All automakers in India have hopped on the electrification bandwagon because green mobility solutions are in high demand.

The latest addition is River’s Indie e-scooter, a domestic startup. The performance-oriented scooter claims to have a maximum range of 120 kilometers per charge.

It’s meant to replace the reigning Ola S1 Pro. In this post, we’ll look at two fantastic electric scooters side-by-side. In contrast to the established market leader, the OLA S1 Pro, River’s Indie, was only recently introduced in India. Let’s evaluate each option and pick the one that works best for you. 

A backdrop of Key specifications


Specifications OLA S1 Pro River Indie
Range 181 km/charge 120 km/charge
Battery Capacity 4 kWh 4 kWh
Max Speed 116 kmph 90 Kmph
Acceleration(0-60) 4.5s
Motor Power 8500 6700
Motor Mid Drive IPM Mid-Drive PMSM

Motor and Power Source

The Ola S1 Pro is propelled by a frame-mounted mid-drive motor capable of producing 8.5 kW and 58 Nm of torque. The official top speed of the S1 Pro is 116 kph, and the company claims that it can accelerate from 0 to 40 kph in 2.9 seconds. The S1 Pro’s True Range (actual, measured distance traveled) is 170 kilometers when set to Eco Mode and 135 kilometers when set to Normal Mode, thanks to its IP55/67-rated, 4 kWh battery unit. The official ARAI-verified range, however, is 181 kilometers.

The River Indie is propelled by a belt drive connected to a motor in the boat’s center of gravity and can produce up to 6.7 kilowatts of power. The scooter’s peak torque of 26Nm allows it to attain 90kmph at top speed. The e-scooter can go from 0 to 40 kilometers per hour in 3.9 seconds and has three different riding modes: Eco, Ride, and Rush. The power source is a 4kWh lithium-ion battery pack, which gives the vehicle a claimed 120km of practical range. The battery can go from dead to 80% charged in under five hours using a standard charger.


Some of the highlights of the Ola S1 Pro include: Multimedia, Theft Alert System, Geofencing, Wireless Internet, Bluetooth, and GPS, Built-in GPS, Reverse, Limp Home, Get Home, Take Me Home Lights, Proximity Lock/Unlock, Remote Boot Lock/Unlock, Call/Message/Contact Reception, Side Stand Alert, Scooter Location, Emotional/Motivational User Interface.

True to form, the Indie is packed with features worth debating. The six-inch LCD gauge cluster has three selectable riding modes: Eco, Ride, and Rush. Two recharge connections and a reverse parking assist system add to the comfort. With the largest under-seat storage space in the industry (43 liters) and a lockable front glove box (capacity: 12 liters). You may get anything from bag hooks to pannier attachments to top boxes.


The base price of an Ola S1 Pro is 1.32 Lakh Indian Rupees (Ex-Showroom).

A River Indie’s starting price is Rs. 1.25 Lakh (Ex-Showroom).


The OLA S1 Pro is a single-model electric scooter in a dozen hues. In India, you can buy an S1 Pro for as little as Rs 1,03,827. The OLA S1 Pro’s motor can produce 5500 W of power. The OLA S1 Pro features a combined braking system for the front and rear wheels in the form of disc brakes.

The Ola S1 Pro is Ola Electric’s top-tier electric scooter model. The normal S1 electric scooter is upgraded in this range version, which offers a wider selection of colors and more functions.

River Indie has one variant named STD. The ev enthusiasts are still looking forward to witnessing its new variants in the market.


Both versions include equivalent hardware. In a nutshell, the suspension is the total of all the moving parts that work together to keep the vehicle on the road.

The front suspension of the River Indie consists of a telescopic fork, and the rear suspension consists of two shocks with adjustable preload. ABS is standard, as are 240mm front and 200mm rear disc brakes. The seat is 770 millimeters high, while the ground clearance is a respectable 165 millimeters. The electric scooter is water resistant up to 300 millimeters.

Wrapping up

The Ola S1 Pro can be yours for Rs. 1.39 lakh (all prices, ex-showroom), while the brand-new River Indie will set you back Rs. 1.25 lakh.

The River Indie, with its practical yet eccentric styling, powerful electric drivetrain, and superior amenities like ample under-seat storage, seems more at home on our shores.



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