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Ola vs Ather vs TVS Which EV 2 Wheeler You Should Buy?

As environmental issues continue to rise and sustainable transportation becomes a pressing topic, electric vehicles (EVs) have become increasingly prominent. The ride on a two-wheeler vehicle has seen the prominence of certain contenders who have garnered favor among clientele seeking to transition towards electric propulsion. The triumvirate of corporations each has distinct and unparalleled aspects that entice prospective customers. 

Determining the optimal selection hinges upon many variables, including financial constraints, scope, efficiency, and functionalities. Ola Electric has made headlines with its aggressive pricing strategy and the promise of a high-performance scooter. Ather Energy has built a reputation with its innovative design and features like fast charging and connected technology. TVS Motors, a well-established brand in the two-wheeler market, has also entered the EV space with its iQube Electric scooter.

The Comparison Between OLA, Ather, TVS EV 2 Wheelers

Here are the comparisons of three electric two-wheelers: Ola Electric S1, Ather 350X, and TVS iQube Electric.

Ola s1 pro

Ola Electric S1: Ola Electric recently made their presence in the market for electric scooters with their top-performing scooter, that is Ola Electric S1. Ola Electric S1. With an impressive 2.98kWh lithium-ion battery that has the potential to travel 121 miles on a single charge and boasts top speeds of 90km/h to 40 km/h in 3 seconds. Plus features like LED lighting, a digital console, Bluetooth connectivity, and reverse gear functions, the Ola Electric S1 is a unique feature in its class!


Ather Electric Vehicle: Ather 450X electric scooter comes with 2.9 1.kWh lithium-ion batteries which have the ability to travel up to 116 km in one charge. It has top speeds of 80 km/h, and it can move between 0 and 40 miles per hour in just 3.3 seconds! Other options include Bluetooth connectivity as well as quick charging capabilities. It also comes with the exclusive Warp Mode feature that immediately increases acceleration and speeds the time of travel! 

TVS Iqube


TVS iQube electric: The elegant scooter designed by TVS has a 4.4 kWh lithium-ion battery. It can also cover the distance between 0 and 40 km/h in just 4.2 seconds. Other noteworthy features include an instrument console that is digital with LED lighting, connectivity to smartphones, as well as park assist for helping users park their vehicles in restricted zones.

Price Comparisons:

Price is essential in making purchase decisions regarding vehicles, such as electric two-wheelers. Let’s take a look at their respective costs today.

OLA Electric:

Ola Electric S1 electric scooter boasts India’s longest range of more than 100km. For just 99,999 rupees ex-showroom retail pricing, it offers exceptional value and performance.

Ather 450X

Ather Motor’s electric scooter is currently selling for Rs 1,59,000 ex-showroom; making it one of the more costly offerings in Indian markets. However, its many benefits – such as frequent updates and unlimited charging capabilities – make this price tag quite an appealing proposition.

TVS iQube Electric:

At Rs. 1,08,012, the TVS iQube Electric is the mid-range electric scooter in India.

Service Comparison:

Compare services after sales offered by three Companies The after-sales service is essential in providing a pleasant ownership experience. Let’s examine the offerings provided by the three businesses here.


Ola Electric: Ola Electric operates across 100 cities across India and plans to install one lakh charging stations nationwide. Additionally, the company offers repair and service at the doorstep, which makes life easier for customers!

Ather EV:  Energy currently maintains a strong presence in Bengaluru and Chennai with plans to expand further. Their network of fast charging stations is called Ather Grid Repair, and service for doorsteps is offered, a complete subscription plan with regular updates and unlimited charging plans, and more.

TVS Motors: With a strong dealer network in India and specially designed electric iQube Zones for their electronic scooters, TVS Motors boasts an extensive presence throughout India. In addition, doorstep servicing and repairs are free by TVS Motors, and they’ve cooperated in partnership with SUN Mobility in setting up battery replacement facilities throughout their dealer network.

Best 2 Wheelers For a Customer

The customer should look at the differences in the products between all three electric scooters. OLA Electric S1, Ather the 450X, and TVS iQube Electric have different specifications and features that cater to additional requirements. For instance, The OLA Electric S1 has the most extended range and an exclusive reverse gear function. In contrast, the Ather 450X features faster acceleration and the unique Warp mode. 

This model TVS iQube Electric features an elegant design and a Park assist option. The user can determine what features and specifications are essential for them. The customer may also think about the cost comparison of the three electric scooters. The OLA Electric S1 is the most affordable choice, while the 450X is the most expensive. However, it offers an annual subscription plan that adds value. 

It is the TVS iQube Electric that falls in the middle price bracket. Customers can assess your budget and compare features and specifications against the cost. The buyer may think about the services offered after sales by the company. OLA Electric has a wide presence in India and plans to establish 10,000 charging points nationwide. Ather Energy’s strong presence in Bengaluru and Chennai has established an extensive network of fast-charging stations. TVS Motors has a strong dealer network throughout India and specially designed showrooms selling its electric scooter. Customers can determine what after-sales options are the most suitable for them.


Choosing the most suitable electric 2-wheeler from the Ola Electric S1, Ather 450X, and the TVS iQube Electric depends on the price, range, features, and after-sales support. Ola Electric S1 stands out by its low cost and distinctive reverse gear option. The Ather 450X offers an exceptional experience thanks to its Warp mode and subscription plans. 


However, the TVS iQube Electric provides a middle-of-the-road opportunity with park assist and a reputable dealer network. Ultimately, customers must consider their preferences and needs when deciding. With the increasing popularity and advances in two-wheelers powered by electric motors, it’s thrilling to observe manufacturers battling for innovations and presenting more options for consumers.



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