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Revolt RV 400: The Future of Electric Motorcycles Unleashed

One of the most stunning motorcycles in its class is the Revolt RV 400. This company was one of the nation’s early EV pioneers. The Revolt RV 400 has a distinctive look that sets it apart from its standard competitors. The headlight has a stylish design and an LED daytime running light. The size is small, and the seating arrangement is well-done. At times, the lack of mass can seem highly blatant. The seat height is 814 mm and it has a more modern and youthful appearance.

The Revolt RV 400, was introduced in 2019. It has a 72V, 3.24 kWh lithium-ion battery pack that, according to the manufacturer, has a range of around 150 kilometres on a single charge. With a 3 kW electric motor and features including three riding modes, regenerative braking, and a connected smartphone app for remote monitoring and management, the RV 400 is powered by an electric motor.

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How Does it Perform?

There are riding modes for the Revolt RV 400 that may be used to increase performance and reactions. This starts in Mode 1 and resembles the Ather 450 quite in Mode 3. Along with effortlessly reaching 85 kmph, it produces a maximum torque of 50 Nm simultaneously. However, you cannot anticipate performance or speed comparable to a Royal Enfield motorcycle. The manufacturer still needs to improve in reducing vibrations and noise when riding, and the accelerator should have responded better when it opened up. 

All riding modes have abrupt power delivery, occasionally making cornering difficult. This could make biking in crowded areas more difficult. With a top speed of 14 kmph, the Revolt RV 400 is said to have a Mode 1 range of 156 km. Mode 3 will have a top speed of 85 kmph and a range of 80 km, while Mode 2 will ensure 110 km with a top speed of 60 kmph.

Riding Experience

The tubular frame and sturdy swingarm of the Revolt RV 400 provide a smooth ride and responsive handling. The bike is kept stable and planted due to the 37 mm USD suspension and 17-inch wheels. The sporty ride has some comfort features as well. Given that it is light and manageable at 108 kg, one of the main plus points is that riders have reasonable confidence on most roads. While there are 240 mm disc brakes on both ends and CBS, the MRF Nylogrips also contribute to improving the fun-riding dynamic. The effectiveness of the brakes is also adequate.


Three riding modes are among the many features included with the Revolt RV 400, and they can be selected using a slider button on the right side. Additionally, keyless-start allows you to start your car by pressing the power button rather than the key. The high-beam switch is used to move between different settings, while the display is equally straightforward and quite effective. A fake exhaust note can also be played over a speaker using a specific button.

The bike has a dedicated app, which may be started using while having an e-SIM installed. This has an internet connection and is voice-command compatible with Google Assistant. The bike won’t operate outside the geo-fencing limits set by the app. Additionally, you may select between four exhaust sounds while tracking the battery and vehicle statistics in real time and buying a replacement battery.

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Electric Motors and Battery Capacity

A 19kg lithium-ion 3.24 kW battery is there, and it will take 4.5 hours to charge it from zero entirely. The battery will be ensured to reach 75%. This 72V battery is paired with a 3 kW electric motor with 170 Nm of mid-drive torque.

Where to Get Yours

Revolt RV 400 is now available at Blive EV Store. Learn more about this electrifying experience. Visit Blive EV Store to experience transportation of the future and adopt a more environmentally friendly mode of transportation. Take advantage of the chance to ride the Revolt RV 400 and transform your daily ride to work. Visit the BLive EV store for exciting offers on booking your Revolt RV 400.


Considering the Revolt RV 400’s overall performance, respectable range, design, an abundance of tech features, and distinctive style, it presents an alluring prospect. The pricing point is competitive because there is no requirement for a down payment, rental, or lease.

Buyers will receive automobile ownership, but only after making smaller payments. In addition, the company makes owning an EV as straightforward as possible while providing excellent battery assurance.



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