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Simple Energy to launch new affordable electric scooters in the next quarter

Electric vehicles are critical to the transition to sustainability. In the coming quarter, Simple Energy, a leader in the Indian EV market, will release a new range of reasonably priced electric scooters.

The move is expected to shake up the two-wheeler industry by giving people a cleaner, cheaper option to traditional gas-powered scooters. With its emphasis on cutting-edge technology and environmental responsibility, Simple Energy is set to revolutionize the electric transportation sector.

All about Simple Energy EVs

One of the newest players in the electric scooter market, Simple Energy, has announced two new electric scooters in the United States. These scooters will be available for purchase in the next fiscal quarter.

The business has begun work on two new e-scooters that will be offered at competitive prices following the launch of its major product, the Simple ONE. Simple Energy aims to increase the rate at which their production-ready variations reach the market. The upcoming releases will increase its product selection, making it more user-friendly.

The Simple One electric scooter, just released in India, has a starting price of Rs 1.45 lakh (ex-showroom), with the more luxurious Brazen X version costing Rs 1.58 lakh (ex-showroom).

Details and Features

The streamlined appearance of the Simple One electric scooter is centered on the front apron. In addition, daytime running lights (DRLs) and LED headlights/indicators/turn signals are prominent up front. The EV’s taillight mounting bracket also features a novel design. Everything comes in various color schemes that the company has shown off, such as Brazen Black, Namma Red, Azure Blue, and Grace White. There are also some new color options, such as Brazen X and Light X.

A digital display with connectivity options including Bluetooth, LED lighting, Android OS, Cloud connectivity, regenerative braking, and more are just a few of the features of the Simple One electric scooter. In addition, the electric scooter will feature different riding modes, such as Eco, Dash, Ride, and Sonic. The EV also has 30 liters of storage space, which is worth noting.

The Simple One electric scooter has a 5 kWh Li-ion dual-battery pack with a 212-kilometer range, to name a few of its features. This fuels a 5-kilowatt motor capable of producing 8.5 kilowatts of power and 72 Newton-meters of peak torque. It can propel the EV from 0 to 40 kph in about 2.77 seconds. In 5 hours and 54 minutes, using a 750-watt home charger, the battery can be charged to 80 percent. Its major rivals will be scooters with similar features, such as the Ola S1 Pro, Ather 450X, Vida V1, and TVS iQube.

Increased Adoption of Electric Vehicles

In recent years, electric mobility’s popularity has skyrocketed. Governments offer incentives and subsidies worldwide to encourage purchasing and using electric vehicles. In particular,
Electric scooters have risen in popularity as a viable transit option for people living in densely populated cities. Since this is a growing market, Simple Energy has designed a variety of.
electric scooters at reasonable prices to appeal to a large audience.

● The Goals of Simple Energy
Simple Energy, an Indian EV firm founded in 2019, has rapidly become dominant in the growing electric mobility sector. The company aims to speed-up the worldwide adoption of eco- friendly transportation by providing consumers access to reasonably priced, high-performance electric vehicles. Focusing heavily on R&D, Simple Energy has developed.
cutting-edge technology-based solutions to problems with conventional electric scooters, such as limited range and prohibitive purchase prices.

● The game-changing impact of cheap electric scooters
The higher cost of electric vehicles than conventional gasoline-powered vehicles has been a major deterrent to their broad adoption. To overcome this problem, Simple Energy has released several cheap electric scooters available to a wider audience. The company has decreased production costs without lowering quality or performance by improving manufacturing processes and taking advantage of economies of scale.

● Exceptional Characteristics and Details
The new electric scooters from Simple Energy are loaded with features and specs. The scooters’ advanced lithium-ion batteries allow a maximum range of up to 150 kilometers on a single charge, giving customers peace of mind on their everyday travels. Regenerative braking technology is installed in automobiles, which improves safety and promotes energy efficiency by transforming mechanical energy into electrical power. The scooters also have a high-tech touchscreen display that updates the rider on battery life, range, and navigation in real-time.
● System and infrastructure for charging
Simple Energy has worked with several partners to create a robust charging ecosystem in response to the issues raised about the current state of the charging infrastructure. The company intends to install a network of charging stations in major metropolitan areas, giving scooter owners easy access to power whenever needed. In addition, Simple Energy is working on a smartphone app to let people find charging stations in their area, check their charging status, and use other value-added features. This all-encompassing approach to charging infrastructure strengthens the viability and usefulness of Simple Energy’s electric scooters.
● Dedication to Environmental Protection
Simple Energy’s electric scooters prioritize environmental friendliness alongside low cost and practicality. The company aims to drastically cut carbon emissions and air pollution by switching from gas-powered scooters to electric ones. Beyond using recyclable materials and safely disposing of batteries, Simple Energy’s commitment to sustainability extends to the larger context of the circular economy.


Introducing Simple Energy’s following line of inexpensive electric scooters is a giant step forward in developing environmentally friendly modes of transportation. The firm is well-positioned to disrupt the two-wheeler business and pave the way for a greener future by tackling affordability and range anxiety concerns. By prioritizing innovation, quality, and sustainability, Simple Energy plans to become an industry leader in electric mobility by giving customers a cheaper and more sustainable alternative to gas-powered scooters. Simple Energy is poised to have a significant impact in the coming quarter and beyond as excitement grows among consumers and industry enthusiasts for the release of their new electric scooters.



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