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Zero Electric Bike-Explore the Adventure

Hero MotoCorp has recently announced its plans to introduce Zero Electric bike to the Indian market in the upcoming years. The officials of Hero MotoCorp revealed this news with the company’s annual report for the fiscal year 2022-23. Hero invested around $60 million (approximately 3490 crores) in Zero Motorcycles during 2022 for this collaborative approach. 

In addition, Hero has also revealed its interest in working with a California-based company to develop new high-end electric motorcycles collectively. Thus, the Zero electric motorcycles will soon be available in India and produced domestically.

Model Overview

There are multiple models in the Zero electric bike segment. The Zero S, which started the American company’s street segment, is currently at a low position in the 2022 Zero Motorcycles lineup compared to novice models such as the Zero SR, SR/F, and SR/S. 

However, these models offer satisfactory performance and range, making them an excellent choice for everyday commuting.In contrast to the Zero SR models, which have standard 14.4kWh battery packs, the Zero S has a 7.2kWh battery. 

It results in less than half the range of both models. It claims to cover 89 miles in the city and 45 miles at 70mph on the highway. The battery life charging takes around 5.2 hours, but the bike has an optional Charge Tank (6kW charger), which reduces the time to 1.5 hours.

Design and Appearance

The manufacturers claim that Huge Design, an award-winning design company, has developed a motorbike concept with a futuristic approach. This concept has inspired an advanced design of the Zero electric bike

At the same time, the Zero electric bikes have 17-inch tires with the design of the Supermoto bike. The Zero FXE electric motorcycle’s seat also has long, narrow, and tall designs.The seating arrangement of the bike is very cozy and is not exaggerated like other supermoto motorcycles available. 

Thus, it is more suitable for a broader range of individuals. The Zero electric motorcycle has a comprehensive 5″ TFT dashboard that is colorfully displayed and presents essential information such as speed, battery level, power output, preferred riding mode, and estimated recharge time.

The construction of the Zero FXE includes an aircraft-grade aluminum frame, which is carefully designed with extraordinary effectiveness. The smooth and vibration-free mirrors prove the excellent build quality of this electric motorcycle.

It has a sleek jet black-grey color scheme with glossy and matte finishes in black and grey highlights. Thus, the design and colorful include careful and selective use of color, which maintains the unique appearance of this electric motorcycle.


The Zero FXE model of electric motorcycle has a Z-Force 7.2kWh battery. All zero electric bike models are explicitly engineered with durable machinery and attractive design. The manufacturer offers a five-year warranty with no mileage restrictions for this battery. 

Additionally, the motorcycle features a Long-Term Storage Model that maximizes the battery’s charge and promotes its overall health over an extended period. The Showa suspension on the Zero FXE electric bike offers excellent versatility and customizable settings. 

The Zero electric bikes have improved damping to smooth out rough roads and offer about 9 inches of rear travel. Moreover, the engine generates 78 ft-lb of torque, resulting in substantial acceleration. The air-cooled interior permanent magnet motor with regenerative braking provides impressive performance and recovers energy to recharge the battery. Here are the basic specification details:

Range (city)

100 miles

Top speed

85 mph


78 ft-lb

Curb weight

298 lb

Battery type

Z-Force Li-Ion intelligent integrated


7.2 kWh

Motor type

Air-cooled interior permanent magnet brushless motor


Bosch gen 9 ABS

Front Suspension

41 mm Showareversed cartridge forks

Brakes Suspension

Showa 40 mm piston


Clutchless direct drive

Impressive Features

There are many impressive features in zero electric bikes that caught customers’ attention before its launch. Here are some of its features:

  • The Cypher II operating system was designed by manufacturers specifically for zero-electric motorcycles. It controls the TFT dash in the Zero FXE electric motorcycle.
  • The bike can quickly switch between performance profiles, allowing riders to enjoy an ideal experience on city roads or their preferred supermoto track.
  • The Zero electric motorbike comes with pre-programmed Eco and Sport settings.
  • The motor of the Zero motorcycle generates maximum power and torque outputs of 46hp.
  • It can achieve a top speed of 98mph.
  • It has Pirelli Diablo Rosso II tires with excellent grip, adjustable Showa suspension, and Bosch Gen 9 ABS in combination with brakes from J. Juan.


Zero Motorcycles’ collection currently includes various types of electric bikes, such as dual-sport, naked, adventure tourer, and full-faired models. These bikes come with battery packs ranging from 7.2 kWh to 17.3 kWh and are priced between $13,000 and $25,000.

To make these models more accessible, it would be beneficial for either Zero or Hero to develop similar electric motorcycles locally, similar to the partnership between Harley-Davidson and Hero. 

The starting price for the Zero SR/S fully electric motorcycle is $19,995. If you desire additional features like a power tank or a 6kW rapid charger, you must spend an extra $3,220 or $3,000, respectively.


The Zero electric bike range is highly affordable, delivering exceptional value for its cost. If you’re searching for a budget-friendly supermoto bike that excels in both economy and performance, this electric motorcycle is the perfect choice. According to the reports, more updates regarding these electric bikes are expected to be disclosed in the upcoming months. 

Hero has already entered the electric scooter market with another, and Zero Motorcycles will be another progressive increase in the high-end electric transport sector. However, introducing these electric bikes is expected to occur after some time.

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