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Three new Electric Two-Wheeler unveiled by BNC Motors

The Bangalore Green Vehicle Expo 2023 launched three brand-new electric two-wheeler vehicles from BNC Motors, formerly Boom Motors. The company also launched ETROL 40, an internally designed portable battery. BNC Motors wants to launch its latest generation of electric two-wheeler vehicles in December 2023. Still, first, they want to focus on establishing a solid base and distributor network in southern India. Then, in January 2024, these models are predicted to be accessible in the North Indian market.

The company also struck a strategic partnership with Musashi, a renowned and well-respected maker of Japanese automotive components, who disclosed their plan to make investments of seventy crore rupees in the initial stages of developing e-axle manufacturing in India.

Models Declaring at Expo:

The three new models are the Boss NR 150, the Perfetto, and the Challenger S110. The Challenger S110 is an electric scooter capable of a peak speed of 75 mph and has a stated range of 90 km on a single charge. The Boss NR 150 is an electric motorbike with a maximum top speed of 110 mph and an indicated field of 160 km on only one charge. The Perfetto electric scooter runs at 80 mph peak speed and 80 km of stated range on a single charging.

The 2.1 kWh ETROL 40 rechargeable battery supplies power to all three variants. The battery cell is detachable and charges in 2 hours on a fast charger and 4 hours on a standard charger. In December 2023, BNC Motors intends to debut the three new models. Before entering the North Indian market beginning in January 2024, the business will concentrate on creating a solid distributor network in South India.


With a 3 kW BLDC hub motor and a peak speed of 75 mph, the Challenger S110 is an electric two-wheeler. One ETROL 40 removable battery with a 2.1 kWh capacity powers the electric vehicle, which can be ultimately charged in about 4 hours using a conventional charger or in less than 2 hours using fast charging techniques. The advertised range in low mode is 90 kilometers on a single charge. The Challenger S110 costs INR 117,999 ex-showroom and comes in four colors.

  • BOSS NR 150 Electric Motorcycle

The Boss NR 150 delivers an impressive performance with a powerful BLDC hub in the motor, delivering the highest power output of 7.2 kW, reaching a high speed of 110 mph and racing from 0 to 60 mph in just under six seconds. It contains two separate ETROL 40 batteries with a total 4.2 kWh capacity. A conventional charger will take 4 hours to fully charge an electric two-wheeler, whereas a rapid charger would take only 2 hours. The advertised range is 160

kilometers on a single charge when using the low mode. The Boss NR 150 costs INR 159,999 ex-showroom and has two color options.

  • Perfetto Electric Scooter

The Perfetto is a scooter powered by electricity with a side-mounted motor that can reach a high speed of 80 km/h and a peak power output of 3 kW. It contains a single, 2.1 kWh ETROL 40 removable battery that can be recharged in a maximum of 2 hours with a quick charger or 4 hours with a conventional charger. The firm said that the range in low mode is 80 kilometers on a single charge. The price for the Perfetto is INR 132,999 ex-showroom.


To answer and meet the evolving needs of electric cars, the ETROL 40 is a 2.1 kWh battery pack. The ETROL 40 is waterproof and dust-proof and has an IP67 rating, making it resistant to various environmental conditions.

The user will then be able to change it with the assistance of the batteries and be on their way in just a couple of seconds, similar to refueling traditional petrol-powered cars but without the pollutants.

The ETROL 40 battery pack comes with many modules that enhance communication and performance. Along with a guarantee, it also includes a 5-year data subscription. BNC Motors has provided the battery to other original equipment manufacturers, or OEMs, and manufacturers of batteries for their use.

Benefits of the ETROL 40 Battery Pack

The official launch of the current models is a significant step for BNC Motors because it aims to increase its market share for electric two-wheelers. A few advantages of the ETROL 40 rechargeable battery include:

  • The battery pack remains removable, making replacing it with a charged battery simple. This may be a considerable convenience for motorists with a long way to go.
  • The 2.1 kWh pack of batteries reportedly has a range of up to 160 kilometers on a single charge. This is adequate for the majority of every day commutes.
  • With a fast charger, the battery pack may be charged in 2 hours; using a conventional charger, it will take 4 hours. This makes it simple to maintain a charged and ready-to-use battery.
  • The battery cell is water-resistant and dust-proof because it is IP67 certified. This makes it appropriate for usage in a range of weather situations.
  • The battery unit has received AIS-156 certification, proving it complies with safety requirements. This guarantees the power source is risk free and will not cause a fire.

A noteworthy advancement in the battery-powered two-wheeler business is the ETROL 40 battery pack. The battery pack has several advantages, such as a long-range, quick charging, and a detachable design. The battery system is secure because it is also AIS-156-approved and IP67-rated.

Safety precautions

The AIS-156 certification for the ETROL 40 battery attests to its compliance with the tightest criteria. In addition to passing the essential safety criteria, it has also passed comprehensive testing, such as nail eviction, crushing, heat monitoring with temperatures as high as 400 degrees Celsius, and ongoing operation at more than forty-five degrees Celsius. The company has implemented many redundancies to ensure maximum safety and prevent accidents.

Final words

The company has constructed the most advanced two-wheelers with great batteries on every metric, including safety, lifespan, lifetime cost, etc. They have developed an energy source that will be beneficial to the ecosystem.



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