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Top 5 Cargo Electric Rickshaws in India 2023

India’s transportation scene is going through a critical change, driven by the rising spotlight on sustainable transportation arrangements. Electric freight rickshaws have become famous as the nation focuses on ecological maintainability and diminishes outflows. 

These electric vehicles offer a successful and sustainable helpful method for transportation, particularly in metropolitan and peri-metropolitan districts, for moving items. In 2023, the market will observe the ascent of a few best freight electric rickshaws that gloat progressed highlights, solid execution, and reasonable costs. These vehicles are set to reform last-mile conveyances and coordinated factors in India’s creating versatility climate.

Best Cargo Electric Rickshaws in 2023

Mahindra Treo Zor:

The Mahindra Treo Zor is a main electric cargo vehicle with great determinations that make it an alluring decision for cargo transportation. 


  • Power and Torque: The Treo Zor flaunts industry-driving execution with 8 kW of power and 42 Nm of torque, guaranteeing proficient and solid activity.
  • Payload Capacity: With a most extreme payload capacity of 550 kg, it offers more than adequate space for shipping products in its group.
  • Versatility: Intended intra-city and between-city conveyances, the Treo Zor offers adaptability in gathering different transportation prerequisites.
  • Variants: It comes in three variants: the Flatbed, Conveyance Van, and Pickup, each taking care of exact cargo transportation needs.
  • Features: All variants incorporate a telematics unit, GPS add-on, economy, lift modes, a 15-amp off-board charger, and a lockable glove box for added convenience and security.
  • Transmission: The programmed transmission guarantees smooth and bother-free activity.


  • Cost Effectiveness: The Treo Zor offers lower running costs than diesel or CNG cargo rickshaws, increasing organizations’ profitability.
  • Natural Benevolence: As an electric vehicle, it produces zero outflows, contributing to a cleaner and greener climate.
  • Adaptable Applications: The Treo Zor’s capacity to handle intra-city and between-city conveyances provides adaptability and flexibility to changing strategy needs.


  • Charging Foundation: The accessibility of charging stations might be restricted, particularly in remote or immature regions, representing a test for significant distance ventures.
  • Charging Time: The charging time of 3 hours and 50 minutes might require cautious intent to guarantee timely conveyances.
  • Speed Constraint: The maximum velocity of 50 km/h may not be reasonable for time-delicate conveyances or rapid vehicle necessities.

Euler Hi-Load

The Euler Hi-Load is a groundbreaking cargo vehicle that promises to revolutionize the engineering and construction industry. It offers unique specifications and features that enhance safety, efficiency, and environmental friendliness. Let’s explore them:

Unique Specifications:
  • Payload Capacity: The Euler Hi-Load can convey an impressive payload capacity of 688 kg, making it suitable for moving heavy loads.
  • Range: With a range of 170 km, it offers significant distance coverage, reducing the need for frequent recharging.
  • Torque: The vehicle brags a torque of 88.55 Nm, ensuring powerful performance for pulling cargo.
  • Ground Clearance: With a generous ground clearance of 300 mm, the Euler Hi-Load can easily tackle uneven terrains and obstacles.
  • High Payload Capacity: The Euler Hi-Load’s impressive payload capacity makes it suitable for many cargo transportation needs.
  • Long Range: The 170 km range minimizes the need for frequent recharging, increasing productivity and efficiency.
  • Quick Charging: Quick charging reduces downtime, considering more time out and about.
  • Versatile and Vigorous: The reinforced sheet metal body, plate brakes, and water-powered safeguards make the vehicle strong and capable of handling different street conditions.
  • Enhanced Safety: The wide windscreen, headlamps, and vehicle global positioning framework contribute to safer operations and improved permeability.
  • Limited Maximum Velocity: The Euler Hi-Load’s maximum velocity isn’t specified, which might be a consideration for those requiring higher speeds.
  • Price: The price range beginning from Rs 3.78-4.00 Lakhs might be a critical investment for some customers.
  • Limited Accessibility: The accessibility of the Euler Hi-Load might be limited to specific regions, potentially restricting its accessibility.

OSM Rage

OSM Rage is a reduced and eco-accommodating 3-wheeler intended to address metropolitan versatility challenges. Its electric powertrain, powered by a high-capacity lithium-particle battery pack, empowers zero-emanation transportation, settling on it an ecologically mindful decision. A powerful electric engine can accomplish a maximum velocity of up to 50 mph, offering adequate execution for city driving. 

The vehicle has aspects of 3200x1500x1710mm, a wheelbase of 2,120mm, and a gross vehicle weight of 960 kg, with a payload capacity of 500 kg. The OSM Rage also offers a scope of 120 km with its proper 10.8kWh battery and requires approximately 5 hours to charge. The electric cargo vehicle features a BLDC engine with a maximum power of 9.55 kW and an evaluated power of 6 kW, providing proficient execution. With well-being components like slope hold help and everyday conveniences, it offers convenience and dependability for metropolitan and business transportation needs.

  • Eco-friendly: Zero-emanation transportation contributes to lessening carbon impression and natural effect.
  • Reduced and deft: Its small size and agile handling make it appropriate for moving through congested metropolitan regions.
  • Adequate cargo capacity: With a payload capacity of 500 kg, it can oblige different cargo needs.
  • Cost reserve funds: Electric powertrain decreases fuel and support costs compared to conventional vehicles.
  • Contemporary conveniences: The OSM Rage Also offers well-being features, for example, slope hold help, guaranteeing a protected driving encounter.
  • Local maximum velocity: The vehicle’s maximum velocity of 45 kmph might be slower than conventional vehicles, influencing roadway travel time.
  • Charging time: The 5-hour charging time might require cautious anticipating longer excursions or continuous use.
  • Value: The value scope of Rs. 3.40-3.50 lakhs (ex-display area in Delhi) might be higher than conventional cargo vehicles.

Range constraints: The 120 km reach might confine significant distance activities, requiring constant charging or restricted range applications.

Piaggio Ape E Xtra

The Piaggio Ape E Xtra is an environmentally friendly three-wheeled cargo carrier offering efficient and cost-effective freight transportation in metropolitan areas. Its smaller size and maneuverability make it an ideal choice for city deliveries. Powered by a lithium-particle battery with a capacity of 8 kWh, the vehicle provides a peak power of 9.55 kW and a peak torque of 45 Nm. Its PT gear transmission with differential ensures smooth and reliable performance.

The Piaggio Ape E Xtra features handlebar-type steering and drum brakes powerfully actuated at the front and rear. Its 4.5 – 10′ tires provide a great foothold on urban streets, while the 2100 mm wheelbase and 220 mm least ground clearance contribute to its maneuverability and versatility in different street conditions.

  • Environmentally friendly with zero emissions, contributing to a cleaner and greener environment.
  • Cost-effective transportation arrangement with its cheap operational costs and efficient electric powertrain.
  • Suitable for metropolitan deliveries due to its reduced size and maneuverability.
  • Superior telematics and connectivity through the iConnect application enhance its usefulness and convenience.
  • Versatile cargo capacity provides ample space for freight transportation.
  • Limited seating capacity, suitable for the driver, as it were.
  • A 45 km/h maximum velocity is relatively slower than other vehicles.
  • The driving range of 90 ± 5 km might require more frequent charging for longer journeys.
  • Limited ground clearance might pose challenges on uneven or harsh terrain.
  • Accessibility and charging infrastructure for electric vehicles might change in different regions.


These top cargo electric rickshaws in 2023 exemplify the business’ commitment to manageability and development. They offer a range of choices with different specifications, empowering businesses to make greener and more efficient decisions for their transportation needs. With continuous advancements and expanding charging infrastructure, electric cargo rickshaws are set to reshape last-mile deliveries and contribute to India’s evolving portability landscape.



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