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Top E-bike Brands in India in 2022 | BLive EV Store

E-bikes are the revolutionary, easy-breezy mode of transportation. They are bicycles, upgraded with motors and battery, to create a futuristic bicycle ride. Offering the luxury of a non-tiring cycle ride, e-bikes are an environmentally friendly option that caters to the demand for speed and health benefits to both men and the environment. What follows is a list of some noteworthy Indian e-bike brands

Class three, aesthetic e-bikes are the models manufactured by Lightspeed. It fashions perfect models for all usage patterns and is designed with a specific use-case in mind. Buyers can personalize and ameliorate their electric bicycles based on their interests; for instance, choose batteries that sustain for 100 kilometers, extra gears, or broader tires. This makes the brand one of a kind.

Lightspeed Dryft, reviewed as one of the finest e-bikes in India, has a 10.4 Ah battery that provides a range of 50 km on a four-hour charge. On the grip wheels backed with high caliber electric brakes, the safety of the rider is prioritized. The orange and blue streaks on the frame, not only impresses riders and onlookers alike, but the silver frame offers unparalleled durability and can bear the brunt of rugged untraversed routes.

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Rush is a high-performance, dual-tone golden streaked e-bike that is optimized for night rides with colored displays. Veer through pitch darkness like a predator with an 11.6 Ah battery coupled with a sophisticated BMS to ensure quick acceleration. The lightweight alloy wheels and the 7 Speed Shimano ALTUS gears enhance the performance on extended rides covering about 55 km on a single charge.

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The fat e-bike is designed to impress the riders with the powerful four-inch tires. With 45Nm torque and a ‘21 Speed Shimano’ gear, Fury is a pounding beast with an aluminum frame and wheels that add to the sturdy move. The 13 Ah battery can push through 45 km after a 4.5-hour charge. Enjoy the thrill of the speed, with confidence in the electric brakes that instantly cuts down power.

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Labeled a family e-bike, Whizz suits every member of the family and grants the freedom for an elegant ride on any clothing. The rider can simply slide onto the aluminum alloy e-bike to sit on the wide, welcoming saddle and commence an effortless ride with a three-level pedal assist. The standard battery can traverse 40 km with stockpiled on the carrier.

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Svitch e-bike is a multi-terrain foldable beast, equipped with high-end functionalities to resist any weather and landscape. The aluminum-framed, lightweight Svitch bike comes with dual suspension that promises unsurpassable comfort. It offers two models, Svitch XE, and Svitch XE Plus.

Powered by a 9.6Ah battery, Svitch XE can run 50 kilometers with a 7-Speed Shimano Tourney gear for the thrill of swiftness. Svitch XE Plus is a premium model, consisting of a robust Shimano Altus 8-Speed gear, and an 11.6Ah battery pack so that one can travel as far as 80 km.

Gozero is a British e-bike brand, that manufactures economical e-bikes with no compromise on the features. It comes with a comprehensive LCD and robust braking system — electric brake and mechanical disc brake — that guarantees safe unprecedented stops. The steel-framed bike adds to the comfort as it transmits less vibration to the body and increases durability. Currently, in the market are two models— Gozero One and Gozero Mile. 

Gozero One has a 250W BLDC powerful rear Hub Motor producing 32 Nm torque for a zing ride. The detachable 400Wh lithium-ion battery can handle a ride as long as 60 km on a 3.5-hour charge. It renders a five-level pedal assisting system. Cheaper than One, Gozero Mile provides a range of 40 km with the 300Wh battery and can offer three levels of pedal assist.

The list we have discussed comprises a few outshining brands and their models that cover an extensive scope of budgets and needs. While the brands are limited, the list can assist you to identify the one model that can accommodate all your preferences.



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