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Use Electric Cycle To Avoid Public Transports in COVID-19

The world is witnessing an event like never before. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought life to a standstill as mankind locked themselves under their roof to survive the battle against the invisible virus. Myriad ways have been employed to control the spread; the major measures being lockdowns, masks, and social distancing. As economies begin to revive ensuring precautions are taken is very important to not witness another wave of the pandemic.

With strong curfew enforced, sustaining restriction in movement coupled with the need to follow social distance, we see a new normal approaching. Amid this one question lingers in most minds: Is public transport safe during COVID-19?

The answer is quite obvious, it is safe unless an infected person is the co-passenger. Mass transit seems no good in this time where MASS is the actual threat. With protocols to maintain about six-feet of distance, public transport is seen as too risky.

Crowding is not the only cause of fear. One must be warned about the possibility of coming in contact with objects that might be exposed to the virus. The virus could survive on handles, seats, money, and railings for a while. Cleaning and disinfection are actively and cautiously practiced, however, a bus will not be disinfected when passengers are on.

Considering the fact that despite individual efforts to keep oneself safe, it does not suffice in handling the situation. Putting public health at the forefront, it is the societal effort that matters; every person is required to act responsibly. Adhering to the social distancing rules and wearing masks is the least that one can do.

Meanwhile, it is not possible to completely avoid public transportation because many Indians regard it as essential to commuting. And without transportation, the livelihood of almost the entire working population is threatened, except for those who can work from home. Trust in public transport must be rebuilt and reinforced. One action could be adopting a safety labeling system to remind people what is required of them.

A lot could be discussed on ensuring safety in public transport. However, restricting to individual response, we will explore the other possibilities in hand. The public needs to be aware of the steps to switch from public transit to Electric Bikes after lockdown. Because Electric Bikes which are here to stay, promise safer commuting while adhering to the rules of the time.

Ensuring social distance over great distance, e-bikes offer an effortless, cost-efficient, and healthy ride. With different levels of pedal assist, they are a great means to get outside the four walls, embrace the fresh breeze without wearing oneself out.

Electrically powered bicycles offer moderate exercise to the body. It is a great way to exercise without over-straining. Thus, it is a breakthrough creation encouraging lethargic individuals into some form of movement which is certainly bad for health. Moderate exercise proves good for the immune system and builds some resilience. This becomes an add-on protection amidst the pandemic.

Furthermore, on ebike, there is less chance for transmission through objects as it is not shared. Nevertheless, there could be unintended contact when the bikes are parked. But, direct exposure to the UV rays and free air circulation, unlike in a closed public transport, makes e bikes more advantageous.

Whatever be the evil spell, the environment has experienced a positive impact due to the pandemic. The environment had the luxury to rejuvenate and thrive a little while, undisturbed by the destructive men. What no protest and the environmental campaign could achieve, the pandemic had attained momentarily — improved air quality. The air quality improved by about 60%  in the capital city of India in transportation and industrial areas.

This improvement makes many consider that to tackle the challenges faced by the environment, imposing occasional lockdown is a possibility. However, the economic repercussions are immense. Instead, encouraging the adoption of electric mobility could make a significant difference. In light of the recent events, transition to e-bikes are at the forefront. This is because two-wheelers account for the most vehicles on road.

Electric bicycles use electric motors powered by rechargeable batteries, unlike regular bikes. Bike riders considering a greener alternative should seriously consider e-bikes for the ecological impact it has. They neither add to air pollution nor do they produce any noise. This makes them a valid alternative that contributes positively to the environmental needs.

The rate of increase is immensely striking, depicting the need and demand for electric mobility at this time.

Addressing the above issues parallelly is the alternative option of using e-bikes. They cater to the needs of safe travel where one can perfectly follow social distancing norms. At the same time, one can equally contribute to letting the environment heal.

In this era of increased consciousness towards environmental issues, many are inclined to choose electric bikes as a main means of transportation. And that is the need for today. An EV revolution. If you have ever given a thought on buying an e-bike but have been reluctant, then there can be no better time than this to go for it.

The popularity of e-bikes induced by the COVID-19 Pandemic are already on its rise. Financial express writes “COVID crisis-led popularity of E-bikes”. For instance, Blive EV Store, an online electric vehicle provider, available in PAN India.



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