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What is stopping companies to shift to an electric fleet instead of a regular petrol fleet

Electric vehicles are no longer the future businesses – they are here! Corporations across the globe are realizing it and pledging themselves for a greener future. Food delivery companies like Zomato and Swiggy have approximately 3 Lakh delivery vehicles in India. Now the rest is simple math. But, for a business, this is a big decision to be made. A lot of things will have to be considered and not just the costs involved. For a business, it is important to take note of the pain points too. We, at BLive, are here to help you answer your questions related to all the pain points!
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Lack of Quality Information:

Transforming your delivery fleet to an EV fleet is simple, provided you are equipped with the right information.

The information required would include,

  1. Knowledge about the current costs, including vehicles, maintenance, and internal processes
  2. Knowledge about how exactly an EV fleet would help
  3. The transition process involved
  4. Which EV to choose from depending on the company’s goals

And a lot more. So make sure you do your thorough research before investing in an entirely electric fleet.

Contact us for getting a custom solution based on your business requirements

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Actual cost saving:

Another prime challenge when it comes to shifting to an EV fleet is the actual cost saved. Every business knows that an EV fleet is a better option. But how exactly? What are the numbers?

Alright, let’s do some math,

The chart on right shows the annual costs of owning a Petrol vehicle   vis-a-vis an EV.

Now if you look at the savings, below


savings e1671115768983


Everyone is familiar with petrol vehicles, whereas EV knowledge still seems to be a challenge to many. If you want to move to an EV fleet, every person involved needs to have a decent, if not, a good amount of knowledge on how exactly EVs are beneficial, including the nitty-gritty. Not just that, but they also need to have a good understanding of how to align their existing established processes with EVs.

The stakeholders should have knowledge of how to take care of the battery health, maintenance, charging best practices, and proper usage of the vehicles and equipment.

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Fleet Management:

There are thousands of fleet operators in the country. But choosing among them to suit your business goals is a task in itself. It requires a good amount of research and maybe trial and error. 

But given the high stakes and the budgets involved, experimentation is often forbidden. Make sure you choose a reputed fleet manager as EVs require specific knowledge to be dealt with.

A reputed fleet manager with decent clientele and a history of great work is your north star.

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You’ve finalized electrifying your fleet. Now comes the question of how. How are you going to go about insurance, financing, and after-sales? Are you going to rent? Buy? Lease? Services are as important as the product itself.

Nowadays OEMs are ready to provide post-sales services along with their products. This includes any malfunctions with the products, battery, or vehicle.

Another option you have is to partner with B:Live. We take care of all your needs and give end-to-end custom solutions, including services and fleet management. 

We provide an exhaustive list of services including Buy Back, Pay/Use, Finance Options, etc from which you can pick and choose based on your needs.

So electrify your fleet and leave the rest to us!




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