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5 reasons why e-bikes are better than regular bicycles

With the increase in awareness for fitness and climate change, E-bikes are the ‘in thing’. 

E-bikes are not the future anymore, they are the present. The world has been quick in adapting to the electric mode and e-bikes are that perfect gateway.

 It not only helps you cut the carbon emission and save already receding fuel, it will also help you stay fit and make your small journeys super quick and quite cheap. 

You might wonder, Why an e-bike? Why can’t I go for a regular bicycle? 

So here are 5 reasons why e-bikes are better than conventional cycles.


There’s something for everyone here. You might be a city dweller, a hardcore fitness freak, or an adventure junkie. There’s one for every kind. E-bikes offer that flexibility of choice. You can find our breakdown of types of e-bikes here (link).

With a variety of options to choose from and e-bikes starting from ₹28,000, you are going to be spoilt for choice.

pensive man riding down hill
2. Ride Experience:

E-bikes are much smoother than regular cycles. The electric motor coupled with the pedal assist assures that your ride is smooth and comfortable. You also get gears like the regular gear cycles which you can notch up or down to suit your needs. 

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3. Lots of features:

Probably one of the most sought-after benefits of E-bikes are the abundant features you get.

 These features range from 
  1. Digital screens both LED/LCD-Analog
  2. Foldable frames – We aren’t joking when we say that the e-bike literally folds
  3. Bluetooth and Smartphone connectivity – For those who can’t live without their mobiles.
  4. Easy technology integration – Higher-end e-bikes even provide location tracking
 There are a lot more features that come inbuilt. 
If not they can be easily integrated.
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4. Great for workouts:

E-bikes offer you a great way to start your fitness journey. Given the ease, it allows you to ride more often as well. You can seamlessly integrate your fitness into your daily routine.

There is a popular myth that e-bikes aren’t great for fitness. Here (link to the fitness post) is where we break things down about why e-bikes are better for workouts, compared to regular cycles.

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5. Performance:

E-bikes are built for performance, be it through the city streets or rugged mountain terrains. The electric boost and pedal assist are your perfect companion for a powerful yet smooth ride.  

Additionally, mountain e-bikes also provide fat & anti-puncture tires for those rugged terrains and uphill rides.

If these reasons aren’t enough, you can drop by our B-Live multi brand EV store(link find your dealer), where our EV experts will guide you through the best e-bike that suits your needs. 



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