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Why Should You Buy an Electric Scooter | EV Buying Guide 2022

Electric vehicles (EVs) are the necessity of the hour. The demand for using different fuels for mobility is increasing more than ever before. Electric vehicles are one such alternative as automobiles create zero-emission. Two-wheelers are one of the prevalent ways of transportation in India, and electric two-wheelers are getting famous as the impulse for the usage of EVs gets noisier.
If you are intending to purchase an eco-friendly scooter and scrutinise for an Electric Scooter Buying Guide, then read on as this report will provide all the facts related to electric scooters.

Cost of an Electric scooter

A wide range of electric scooters is available in India. Talking about the price range, it varies from Rs. 28,000 – Rs. 1.64 Lakh depending on the model of the electric scooter. There are various brands available in the market and you can choose from any of them. We recommend you go for the best electric scooter that has a great battery range.

Battery Range of Electric Scooter

The electric scooter features two types of batteries.
1. Lead Acid type or Gel type (VRLA) – These batteries may endure 350 charging rotations.
2. Lithium-ion type-These may prevail for more than 1000 rotations of charging
It is most satisfactory to question the manufacturer’s agent at the retailer’s store about the guarantees – Many electric scooters give a warranty of 3 years, and anticipated energy of 5 years for the battery in its electric scooters. These electric scooters usually have Li-ion batteries.
Another outstanding benefit of a Li-ion battery is that it is negligibly weighty than the VRLA ones. So, there is a chance that you can effortlessly release it from the electric scooter and renew it from a socket point.

Maintenance cost of Electric Scooter

Are you worried about the maintenance cost of electric scooters in India? Presently, it may be a tiny bit pricey to sustain an electric carrier like e-scooters in India. The cause is primarily due to the price of electricity and lifeless or busted batteries beyond the guarantee.
If you consider the price of petrol for your normal vehicle for riding 100km then, it will cost you more than Rs.150. On the contrary, the electric scooter will cost you way less than Rs.150 for the same distance. The only difference here is that you have to charge the batteries of the scooter.
The bottommost streak is that you need not be concerned about the expense of upkeeping for your electric scooter. As per industry research, it will be more affordable than possessing a petrol motorbike.

Electric Two-wheelers

Electric two-wheelers are the latest gossip term when it comes to the globe of automobiles. With fossil power resources racing out and pollution tiers rising to hazardous levels, an option to inner burst motors is the requirement of the hour. Electric two-wheelers operate uncluttered and yield nil emissions, creating them a famous choice. Presently, the most prominent difficulties fronted by electric two-wheelers are the price range and charging technology. But with enhancing technology, electric motorcycles and scooters will acquire more popularity shortly.

Electric two-wheeler insurance Cost

Electric two-wheeler insurance is a kind of motor insurance that safeguards two-wheelers that operate on electricity. The insurance covers possible cracks and flops, which might occur in the matter of a misfortune, a natural calamity or blaze.
Two-wheeler insurance gratuities are established on many aspects, like the model, age and kilowatt power. The insurance cost varies from Rs. 400 to Rs. 11000 depending on the plan you choose.

License and registration requirements for Electric scooter

For all types of electric scooters that operate with a battery of 250 W motor and a maximum pace of 25 km/h, you do not need a license.
For electric scooters with more than 25 km/h speed and motor rating more than 250 W, you require a license.
There is no license required for electric scooters like these.
Hero Electric Flash (both VRLA and E series)
Hero Electric Optima (both types)
Hero Electric NYX e2 etc
Other models of electric scooters do require licenses like Photon Li-ion, photon 72 V, flash e5, NYX e5, photon etc.

Electric scooters are cost-effective.

Many of you might be thinking how are electric scooters cost-efficient? Originally electric scooters might require more acquisition from your end. But over a period of time, they can be additional cost-effective than petrol scooters. Do you know why? With electric scooters, you can hold the recurring fuel cost by charging periodically. They deliver you the exact mileage as petrol scooters do.

Electric Scooters reduces Emission

One of the most uncomplicated methods to lower your carbon footmark is to transit emission-free. Electric scooters are backed by a rechargeable battery, they have no pollution or emissions. They also do not demand you to see a gas station to load up your tank!
On an electric scooter, your conveyance is much more eco-friendly than a scooter powered by petrol. One investigation discovered that a few gas/petrol-powered scooters radiate a higher level of harmful and destructive chemicals when compared to other styles of gas-powered vehicles!

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Wasn’t all of this enough and, BLive EV Store also features an insurance policy for electronic two-wheelers that you purchase from us? The future is digital and definitely electronic. Stick to environment friendly choices to reduce emissions and pollution to a great level. Make an informed decision by opting for electric bikes and E-Scooters. They are very lightweight, as they do not possess most of the motorized elements which are found on traditional two-wheelers. So, the general weight of an electric two-wheeler is light. We have almost all brands of e-scooters and bikes and they operate like magic.



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