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Yamaha E01 Electric Scooter: The Sleek and Efficient Commuter Solution in Japan

Yamaha’s E01 electric scooter will launch first in Japan, with other markets to follow. A demonstration of the product will be available through a lease program at around 20,000 yen monthly for three months in Japan, with taxes. 

It’s about Rs. 12,600. E01 has a modern, stylish design for commuters seeking a smooth riding experience. The E01 electric scooter has a powerful motor and can reach 62 mph. It will soon be available in other markets, including Taiwan, Europe, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and India. 

Yamaha Launches E01: Its First 125cc Equivalent Electric Scooter as Zero-Emission Alternative to NMAX 125

Yamaha released the E01, their first 125cc equivalent electric scooter, as a zero-emission alternative to the NMAX 125. The company recently launched the E01, following its entry into the electric scooter market with the Neo. 

The E01 was first showcased as a concept at the Tokyo Motor Show three years ago and stays true to the original design. The E01 is similar in size and power to the NMax 125 but has unique styling. It features a flat front nose with a charging port and dual spotlights. The electric powertrain and seating area are combined, creating a sleek and efficient ride. Unlike the Neo and EMF, the E01 lacks swappable batteries.

Specification of Yamaha E01 Electric Scooter

The Yamaha E01 is an electric scooter that embodies a contemporary and dynamic aesthetic intended for immersion within urban environments. Its distinctive features include maxi-style seating and interior panels with a unique visual presence. 

  • Despite operating on electricity, this vehicle exhibits the characteristics of a high-end 125cc petrol motorcycle. 
  • The car in question is outfitted with a Lithium-ion battery rated at 87.6 volts and 56.3 ampere-hours, which affords it a travel distance of 104 kilometers when fully charged. The charging capabilities of the device are noteworthy, with expedient charging achievable in approximately one hour. 
  • However, conventional charging may necessitate up to five hours, while portable charging may require up to 14 hours. 
  • The Yamaha E01 exhibits a favorable power output of 8.1 kW (equivalent to 10.9 hp) and presents three distinctive power modes: Power, Standard, and ECO.
  • The product above has a set of 13-inch alloy wheels and exhibits a substantial battery lifespan comprising 4,000 cycles.

Yamaha E01 Price in Japan

Yamaha debuted the E01 electric scooter in Japan with significant incentives to promote greener mobility. The company’s limited-time lease scheme in Japan offers a monthly cost of around 20,000 yen (approximately £130 or $177) for applicants aged 20 or older with a small motorcycle license. 

This limited-time campaign promotes sustainable and eco-friendly transit solutions. Yamaha’s first 125cc electric scooter, the E01, is leased to interested riders. Yamaha hopes to promote zero-emission bikes and a sustainable future through this campaign.

Features of Yamaha E01

The Yamaha E01 electric scooter has many features that set it apart. The scooter has a 4.9 kWh lithium-ion battery. It also contains an electric motor that produces 8.1 kW at 5,000 rpm and 30.2 Nm at 1,950 rpm. The Yamaha N Max has a comparable battery configuration, dimensions, and seating. 

The Yamaha E01’s battery pack is under the scooter’s seat. Its low center of gravity improves handling and stability. Standard, portable, and rapid chargers charge the battery pack. Quick chargers can charge batteries to 90% in one hour. 

The Yamaha E01’s silhouette resembles the NMax 125, but its details are unique. The scooter has a flat front with a charging socket and dual lighting inspired by the R1 sports bike. The Yamaha E01 is an appealing electric scooter due to its excellent features.

Design & Structure

Yamaha’s new electric scooter, the E01, has a modern design with a flat front-nose housing the charging port and a broad underbelly serving as the battery pack and seating area. It offers a similar look and feel to its petrol-powered counterparts for the Japanese market. The E01 has LED headlamps, disc brakes, smartphone connectivity, wide tires, and ABS for a smooth ride. 

It’s designed for eco-friendly urban commuting. The E01 has a 4.9 kWh battery under the seat, providing a 65-mile range. Its electric motor generates 8.1 kW of power and 30.2 Nm of torque, suitable for city and commuting. The Yamaha E01 is a sleek electric scooter with modern features that will appeal to Japanese riders.

Yamaha E01 Battery: Impressive Range but Non-Removable

A non-removable 4.9 kWh battery powers the Yamaha E01 scooter. The firm claims 104 kilometers of range with this configuration. However, the first trials and programs will evaluate any discomfort or concerns associated with this feature. 

The vehicle’s operation will be corrected and improved depending on the data collected to deliver a better version. The non-removable battery may be a downside for specific riders, but it reduces the chance of theft or damage. 

The Yamaha E01’s battery is vital to its remarkable range and performance, making it a popular choice for urban commuters looking for a reliable and eco-friendly way of transportation.

Yamaha E01 Electric Scooter: Impressive Range

The Yamaha E01 electric scooter has an 11-kW motor and an 80 km range. It includes Bluetooth connectivity, keyless starts and a digital console. The Yamaha E01 scooter offers smooth ride modes and well-designed brakes, ideal for fleet operators in India. 

The scooter has dual disc brakes with ABS for efficient and secure braking, making it perfect for daily city use. The Yamaha E01 electric scooter impresses with a good range and advanced features, making it a popular option for urban commuters and fleet operators in India. No shorter version is possible as it is just a repeated sequence of numbers.

Yamaha E01 Colours: Availability and Options

The Yamaha E01 confused potential buyers due to its color options. Yamaha still needs to provide a final color list for his E01, so you may need to wait for some times to get specific colors. However, please contact your local Yamaha dealer for details on available colors. 

The E01’s default color option is a classic silver tone. Yamaha is expected to offer several colorways, as is customary for the brand. Besides metallic colors, color options do not significantly impact vehicle price.

Last Thought

Yamaha’s E01 e-scooter offers zero emissions, a sleek design, an impressive range, and a powerful motor for urban commuters. Yamaha promotes sustainability through a lease program in Japan, encouraging electric scooter usage. 

The non-removable battery may worry some riders, but the E01’s battery performance and charging are noteworthy. The Yamaha E01’s launch in Japan signals a significant milestone for the electric scooter industry.



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