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All you need to know about Yulu Wynn

Yulu has released the Wynn, its first electric scooter designed for individual use. Previously, the company’s models were aimed exclusively at the last-mile delivery market. Online booking is now available for the Wynn at the corporate website at a discounted price of Rs 55,555 (introductory). Delivery will begin in the middle of May 2023, and the booking price is set at Rs 999.

The firm claims that after the initial discount period, the price will increase to Rs 59,999. The battery pack is not included; the price is so low. Yulu and Magna have partnered to create the Yuma Energy battery-swapping network, which is available to Wynn subscribers in exchange for a monthly fee.

Yulu Wynn E-bikes Features

Recently, Yulu introduced the Yulu Wynn Electric Scooter, an entry-level product with a respectable engine that includes a 250 W BLDC hub motor. Yulu electric bikes have a 19.3 Ah LFP battery capacity. Yulu has built a removable battery pack into its latest electric scooter.

In a separate Yuma Energy network, the company offers battery-swapping services. However, consumers can purchase a separate portable charger for use with their electric scooters to facilitate charging the battery at home or on the go

Yulu Wynn

A must-buy and winning performance EV Bike

In addition, Yulu will offer the Wynn electric bike for sale minus the battery pack, requiring customers to sign up for a battery subscription.

The Yulu Wynn electric bike can speed up to 25 kilometers per hour. This affordable electric scooter has a modest top speed, making it suitable for drivers of all ages. With each charge, the IDC can provide a maximum of 68 kilometers of range.

The Yulu Wynn is an electric bike with dimensions of 1630 by 670 by 740 millimeters and a weight of about 100 kilograms. This slow-moving electric scooter’s front and back are equipped with 110mm drum brakes for stopping power. Front and rear suspensions are taken care of by telescopic and spring-coiled systems, respectively.

Pros of Yulu Wynn EV

  •  The ability to swap batteries increases portability.

There is a building infrastructure of battery switching stations for Wynn EVs, so when a rider’s battery runs low, they can easily switch it out for a fully charged one. The 0.98-kilowatt-hour battery pack has a user-friendly grip that allows the rider to swap it out without help.

  • The EV’s maximum stated range is 68 km.

Registration is not necessary for this vehicle. Due to its classification as a low-speed EV under CMVR, the Yulu Wynn does not require registration with the RTO. As a result, the rider can enjoy the benefits of scooter ownership with minimal effort. But the owner can’t get insurance for their motorbike, so keep that in mind. This could backfire in the event of an accident and hurt the rider.

  • A 250W electric motor provides the necessary power.

The 250W electric hub motor of the Yulu Wynn is connected to a 51V 0.98kWh LFP battery pack that can be removed and replaced.

Yulu Wynn white

Is Yulu Wynn EV worth the buy?

The Wynn comes in two colors (Scarlet Red and Moonlight White) and has a design that is similar to other models in Yulu’s lineup. The scooter has features including Bluetooth connectivity and an app-based key. In addition, with a top speed of less than 25 kph, the Wynn is classified as a low-speed electric scooter. This also negates the need to register the scooter. The scooter’s 250W electric motor and 19.3 Ah removable batteries allow for a maximum range of 68 km.

Its mobility subscription bundles cut the out-of-pocket expense of ownership by up to 40 percent and make it possible for more people to enjoy the benefits of car ownership. Using the Yuma Energy network, a joint venture between Yulu and Magna, the battery can be swapped out in under a minute. The battery can also be charged with a separate, optional home charger.

According to Yulu, Wynn was developed after years of study into user behavior and the requirements for urban mobility of a diverse range of clients. The clever electric two-wheeler has many firsts in the market, including keyless entry and quick family sharing, making it ideal for the transportation needs of urban families.


Customers looking for electric two-wheelers with low top speeds for use by young children and elderly relatives will find the Yulu Wynn a viable option. The scooter will expand consumer choice for those purchasing a cheap, slow-moving electric scooter.  Yulu says it plans to bring the Wynn to other cities eventually, but it will only be available in Bengaluru.



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